Messina Wildlife's Deer Stopper Spray, Gallon Refill



Item # DSU128
Ship Weight 9.00 lbs
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Ready to use, effective, pleasant smelling liquid repellent for use on all flowers, shrubs, forest and fruit trees to prevent browsing and rubbing damage from deer, moose and elk. May be used on fruits and vegetables. Works by smell and taste and will not wash off after a heavy rain. Apply once a month. This one-gallon jug will refill the 32-oz spray bottle (DSU016) four times.

Product Information


  • Active ingredients: Putrescent whole egg solids, mint oil, and rosemary oil
  • One-gallon ready to use, for refilling the 32-oz spray bottle
  • Covers approx 4000'

Product Features

  • Will not wash off after a heavy rain
  • Not unpleasant-smelling to people as some repellents are
  • Dries clear, and works on deer by taste, smell and feel
  • A convenient way to refill the 32-oz redy to use bottle, DSU016

Product Benefits

  • This gallon jug saves you from having to keep buying the 32-oz spray bottles; just buy one, or provide your own, and keep refilling it. It saves the environment from having all those bottles from being thrown away



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