Melnor SunRise™ Once-a-Day Water Timer



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Automatically Water Your Lawn and Garden Every Morning When the Sun Rises

The Melnor Sunrise™ Once-a-Day Timer does the watering for you! Stay in bed while your garden is watered at the optimal time of day. Simply turn the knob to set the amount of time to water. The timer then automatically waters every morning without any programming. The Sunrise™ Timer uses a photo sensor to detect when the sun rises and automatically turns on within 30 minutes. The duration of the watering can easily be set from 5 to 120 minutes based on your garden's needs. Just turn the timer's dial to your preferred time. The manual function lets you use your faucet for other tasks. Simply turn the dial to "On" when you need to wash your car, spray off the deck, or manually use the garden hose. Requires two AA batteries (not included). The manufacturer backs this timer with a 7-year limited warranty.

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