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Mason Bees are excellent early-spring pollinators!

Mason Bees are 120 times more effective than honey bees because they have a lot of hair on their body which picks up pollen. Unlike honeybees which clean themselves after each visit to a flower and store the pollen in sacs to carry back to the colony, the Mason Bees carry all of their pollen from flower to flower.

Referred to as solitary bees, they do not have a queen or a hive, they do not make honey and they tend not to sting. Mason Bees are active in colder temperatures which make them very effective in orchards or home gardens pollinating fruit trees.

Available December through March. Six cocoons per tube, two females and four males.

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  • Please note: Only available seasonally while supplies last.
  • Contains one tube of six cocoons, two females and four males.

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