MagniMoist Precut 12-14-Inch Basket Liner



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Stops water runoff unless soil is fully saturated, for better root absorption.

With MagniMoist lining your container, water won?t leave your basket until your plant is completely hydrated. Its Smart Fibers (all-natural Kenaf, a hibiscus derivative), deflect water back into the dry soil above. Only when the soil is fully saturated will MagniMoist become porous and release any excess water. Reduces fertilizer runoff, too! A U.S.-grown alternative with NO chemical binders and NO fumigants (try finding that with imported coco or moss!)

Product Information


  • Fits 14" baskets (22" fabric pre-cut to fit a 14" basket)
  • Made of Kenaf, which derives from hibiscus

Product Features

  • The fibers deflect the water back into dry soil during watering. When the soil is fully saturated the fiber becomes porous, releasing only the excess water. This keeps a steady hydration of soil

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