MagniMoist™ Planter Inserts, Pack of 2

Get perfectly hydrated plants every time you water!

Placed below potting soil, MagniMoist™ Planter Inserts deflect water back up into the dry soil, spreading water throughout the container. After full saturation, the insert becomes porous, releasing only excess water.

Roots Disperse: Roots Disperse throughout the MagniMoist-lined container resulting in improved water availability, plant balance, and wilt-resistance. Great for water hungry plants like Lovelia, Verbena and Euphoria.

Smart Fibers: MagniMoist's smart fibers are a patent-pending formulation of 100% natural plant fibers. It is grown and manufactured in the U.S. to strict horticultural standards.

Available in a 6.5-inch and 8-inch size. Each size is sold in a pack of 2.

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