Lucca 12-inch Self-Watering Planters

No watering worries when you go away for the weekend!

This low-maintenance planter comes with an attached basin for the plant to feed from once the root system is established. To start the plant, use conventional top watering techniques and then switch to bottom watering by filling the basin as needed for the roots to wick the water up. The fill spot is more subtle than traditional self-watering planters for an attractive appearance. Made in the USA from recyclable plastic and is 100% UV stable.

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Product Information


  • Actual dimensions are 13.5in wide x 10.5in high

Product Features

  • The bottom has a detachable basin that acts as a saucer when you first put the plant in and water from the top. Then after a few weeks, you water it by detaching the basin and filling it with water

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