Live Animal Trap Rear Release 36in x 11in x 12in

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Trap those pesky pests alive, and return them to their natural habitat away from your plants! Ideal for capturing rabbits, squirrels, foxes, raccoons, opossums, and more. Heavy 14 ga. galvanized wire - 1"x 1", 1/2"x 1"mesh with welded steel collars. Large, protective safety plate located under handle. Other sizes available, contact us for details.36"x 11"x 12"for large raccoons, foxes, etc. Slide release door.

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Product Specs
Doors are steel supported, trip latch has precision setting, 14 gauge galvanized wire, steel rod supported, protective safety plate under handle, 36in. x 11in. x 12in. used for large raccoons, woodchucks, and foxes, has rear release door. Other sizes that are available are 18in. x 5in. x 5in.; 42in. x 15in. x 18in.; 48in. x 15in. x 22in.
Product Features
This Safeguard Box Trap is constructed of 1 X 1" long lasting galvanized wire mesh that blends into 1/2 X 1" mesh towards back of trap to protect baited area. Mounted with reinforced spring loaded front door and convienent rear release door. Steel reinforcing around trap body. Great for trapping woodchucks, raccoons and opossums. Fully assembled. Measures 36" long with a 11" X 12" door opening.
PFR Warranty
Manufacturer supplies a full one year warranty against defects in workmanship.
QUESTION: How does the rear release door work? ANSWER: The door has a long sliding pin that keeps it in place; pull it out and the rear door swings open.
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