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Libman; Large Scoop Dustpan with Handle

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Holds up to 30 pounds of debris!

The Libman® Large Scoop Dustpan features a heavy-duty polypropylene construction, integrated teeth, and a rubber lip. The pan measures 16 inches wide, 14 inches deep, and 6-1/2 inches tall. The 16-inch wide opening fits all angle brooms and some small-sized leaf rakes. It holds up to 30 pounds of debris. The pan automatically tilts backwards when lifted or you can lock it into an open position. Libman® equips this dustpan with a 23-inch long, 1-inch diameter steel handle. This handle has an angled ergonomic grip for easy carrying. The Lipman® Large Scoop Dustpan is great for any clean up job. It is excellent for collecting larger debris. Use it when cleaning outdoor environments like parking lots, construction sites, or parks. The enclosed design protects the contents from the wind, keeping it inside of the pan. Integrated teeth along the top of the pan are useful for cleaning off your broom. The rubber lip provides a much better seal, eliminating those pesky debris lines! From pan to handle, Libman® builds this dustpan to last. They proudly make this product in the USA!

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Overall weight (pounds): 3-1/2
  • Maximum capacity (pounds): 30
  • Pan material: Polypropylene
  • Pan width (inches): 16
  • Pan height (inches): 6-1/2
  • Pan depth (inches): 14
  • Handle material: Steel
  • Handle length (inches): 23
  • Handle diameter (inches): 1
Product Features
  • Heavy-duty plastic dustpan
  • Integrated teeth
  • Rubber lip
  • Auto-tilt feature with lock
  • Steel handle with angled grip
  • Made in the USA!
Product Benefits
  • Great for any outdoor cleanup project
  • Fits all angle brooms and some smaller leaf rakes
  • Pan automatically tilts backward to hold in debris
  • Locking feature to keep the pan in the open position
  • Integrated teeth help keep your broom clean during cleanup
  • Rubber lip ensures more debris makes it into the pan - no more dustpan lines
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