Leonard Vinyl Tree Guards, Bundles of 5

Long-lasting and easy to install!

Leonard Vinyl Spiral Tree Guards feature a white vinyl construction. These spiral guards measure 1-1/2 inches in diameter and have pre-cut ventilation holes. Sold in bundles of five. Choose your desired length below.

Use Leonard Vinyl Spiral Tree Guards to protect your young trees from rabbits, rodents, and other small animals. They also protect against damage caused by your lawn equipment. These guards are an excellent alternative to chemical repellants. They are very easy to install and remove from your trees.

We designed our Spiral Tree Guards to last. The durable vinyl material resists weathering yet cuts easily to fit your trees. Pre-cut ventilation holes allow your tree to breath, preventing mold and mildew buildup. The white material reflects damaging sunlight away from the tree. When left on your trees, these guards last up to seven years!

Item # Length Ship wt Stock Status 1 – 49 50 – 199 200+ Qty
18TP 18 Inches 0.5 lb. In Stock $6.69 $4.79 $4.29
24TP 24 Inches 0.5 lb. In Stock $9.09 $7.59 $6.69
36TP 36 Inches 1 lb. In Stock $12.19 $9.39 $8.39

Product Information


  • White in color, 1.5-inch diameter
  • Sold in sets of 5 guards
  • Tough vinyl construction, spiral construction for quick and easy installation

Product Features

Life expectancy is four to seven years when installed and left on the tree.

Product Benefits

  • Protect your young trees from rabbits, rodents, and mechanical damage for up to 7 years
  • Vinyl material resists weathering yet cuts easily to fit your trees
  • Unique spiral shape allows for easy installation
  • Ventilation holes allow for increased airflow, preventing the growth of mold and mildew
  • White color reflects damaging heat and glare away from the tree

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QUESTION: What size caliper tree do these work on?
ANSWER: They work best on young trees, as the diameter is 1-1/2 inch. They stretch and unwind to fit the tree as it grows.

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from PA

Great wraps


Easy to put on and varmints don't get thru - great for the price.

from OH

Vinyl Tree Guards


We prefer the other tree guards that you sell, which are closer to the bark color and easier to use.

from NY

Vinyl tree guards


A+, high quality, work great.

from WI

Vinyl Tree wraps


A must have for anyone trying to protect your young trees from rodents and sun scald. Easier to apply then paper wrap. Great service and shipped promtly!

from MI

vinyl tree guards


I have been using these tree guards for many years and will continue to use them. They are easy to apply and last for years. I don't sell trees without them.

from NY



We have been using these wraps on our hardwood field stock (Maples,Apples,Birches) during the winter months to protect the stems from rodent damage. We remove them in the spring and store them in 55 gal drums and reuse them in the fall. They hold up well and we are able to use them for many seasons.

from WI

Vinyl Tree Guards


I have used these tree guards for years to protect my fruit trees from rodents,and mowing. They also aid in light reflection in eary spring. In addition, in the fall I apply them higher on trees to prevent bucks from making rubs.

from NH

Wrap Around Tree Guards


We purchased your tree guards because no stores carried them in our area

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