Leonard Straight Blade Pruning Shears, 8.625-inch Length



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Extremely tough with sharp blades that last!

Lifetime warranty. Ready to take on the toughest shearing tasks, these blades are made from strong high carbon steel that holds a sharp edge. Then the blades are finished with a hard chrome plating to resist corrosion. Long 2-inch blades tackle flower cutting, dead heading, and seasonal perennial cutback with ease. Sturdy aluminum handles with a non-slip vinyl grip. Conveniently squeeze to open. 2-inch cutting edge; 8.625-inch overall length.

Product Information


  • 8 & 5/8" long overall
  • 2" cutting edge on the blades
  • All-steel construction; handles are steel with a non-slip coating
  • Blades open to 1 & 1/2" wide (although that is not necessarily the cutting capacity)

Product Features

  • The Squeeze-To-Open latch is unique; just squeeze the handles together, and the safety lock holding the blades together "un-clicks" itself, releasing the blades

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from IN

Very useful


I've tried several hand pruners with long narrow blades for finer work, like deadheading, but they all had some reason I decided I couldn't use them on a regular basis. When I bought this pair I had high hopes. Within the first hour of use, I discovered they quickly were coated in sap, and the spring was too weak to open them again after every cut. I bought a slightly stronger spring (which required I fabricate new rubber plugs to hold that spring in place, and this solved the problem very nicely. These pruners have become my standard "go to" choice for light or tight applications such as deadheading past flowers, and light pruning on shrubs such as yews. They will do heavier things, but I have to use discretion because a co-worker used them and broke the bottom blade trying to cut a branch way too thick for these pruners. They will cut branches, say, up to a quarter inch or slightly more, but you want to use the blade as far back in the bite as you can to minimize the chances of breaking. I love the squeeze to release latch. I can open them and close them with one hand. I also made my own leather holster to accommodate the longer, and significantly more pointed blades. I have since lost one of the nuts and bolt that holds the blades to the handles, and am improvising a fix. I suggest you purchase extra blades and hardware for quick fixes; to keep you working when something happens. This is worth it to me because I rely on them so much. However, the price is so affordable I am ordering a spare pair for back-ups. I will fabricate the spring and plugs for them as well because that helps so much. Note: the spring replacement ought not be TOO strong or your hand will tire during extended use. I love 'em.

from AL

Leonards Straight Blade


Likes: very well designed, feels good in your hand. I have lots and lots of ivy to be trimmed. The design is perfect. My only negative which prevents me from the pefect 5 star, is that the hing seems to hang sometimes and I have to manually open it. Tried WD40, help some. Loosened the bolt, helped some but the lock catch hangs from now and then. Overall, I would buy this style again.

from OK

Straight blade pruning shear


I am a cut flower grower and bought the shears to see if my employees would like them. I personally like them but my employees thought the handles were too large for their hands and for easily and quickly cutting flowers. 17 years ago I purchased a pair of shears from Smith and Hawkin and have cut everything from woody plant material to millions of flowers for 17 years and have never sharpened them. They fit my small hands perfectly with curved handles and seem to be an extension of my hand when cutting. I have never found any other shears like these. It would be perfect if your straight blade shears had handles like these.

from KY

Leonard Straight Blade Pruning Shear


Excellent shears for small to medium cutting/pruning. The handles are ergonomic, and cause no strain. The long narrow blades allow for more precise cutting, which is important with bushes I have found. This immediately became my pruning shears of choice.

from CA

Great clean up pruner but gums up too easily


We are a commercial cut flower wholesaler. These pruners do a great job in cleaning up the cut flowers. The long straight blade is very sharp an easily cuts flower pedals or delicate stems which other pruners mash. The only issue is that they gum up to easily and have to be cleaned constantly. A stronger spring might help. They are not a replacement for the Felco #2 or AM Leonard equivalent.
A.M. Leonard: Our customer service department has contacted the customer to resolve this issue!


Pruning shears


I love my pruning shears and use them regularly. The quality is wonderful. I am an avid gardener,and having the right tool for every task makes my job so much easier.

from FL

Review of straight blade shear


This is a great all around light work pruning shears. They hold an edge and the design allows for delicate work. I particularly like them for trimming bonsai. Thanks for a great product!


Perfect for my needs


I use them for cutting herbs, and deadheading flowers. Very comfortable to use, solid construction, and incredibly sharp. I purchased two other AM Leonard shears for heavier work and dead wood, and they perform better than any of those sold at big orange or big blue.

from MI

Precision Pruners


We bought one of these shears at the recommendation of our AMLEO corporate rep. It was an immediate hit with our nursery staff, so much so that I had to reorder four more so they'd all have their own personal shears. The staff likes these shears for the long, needle-nosed cutting blades coupled with a beefy pruner-like set of handles. This combination of features allows for precise pruning in dense clusters of small-to-medium-sized stems, and easy shearing cuts on softer growth. These shears will not replace hand pruners, but they are a very handy cross-over for maintenance work. The only nit we have to pick is the opening mechanism could have a stronger spring -- fairly minor amounts of sap built up on the blades will overcome the tension provided by the spring and cause the blades to become 'stuck' in the closed position. You will also want a sturdy leather sheath for carrying these shears -- they are very pointy!

from IN

Leonard straight blade pruning shear


I love these shears,they are strong enough to trim bushes yet with the straight blade they are great for cutting flowers.

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