Leonard Simple Soak™ Garden Zone Watering Kit



Item # SZK100
Ship Weight 21.00 lbs
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Evenly distribute water to your vegetable garden or landscape plants.

Keeping plants properly watered can be a time-consuming task, especially when there is a shortage of rain. With our exclusive Simple Soak™ Garden Zone Watering Kit, you can create a custom watering system that provides the deep root watering your plants need.
  • Spend less time watering your landscape and garden
  • Create a custom watering layout to best fit your needs
  • Provide slow and even watering directly to the roots
  • Use less water than hand watering and sprinklers
Setup is as easy as 1-2-3:
  1. Cut the soaker hose to fit where you want to water
  2. Cut the garden hose to fit areas you don't want to water
  3. Connect the pieces together using the included fittings
Additional setup tips:
  • For larger plants, loop the soaker hose around the plant at the drip line
  • For rows of plants, run the soaker hose beside the plants
See below for a full list of what is included in our Simple Soak™ Garden Zone Watering Kit.

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