Leonard Selective Iron Broadleaf Herbicide

Great for controlling broadleaf weeds naturally!

Leonard's Selective Iron Broadleaf Herbicide is a natural, mineral-based iron chelate solution. This product works perfectly for homeowners and businesses to control broadleaf weeds in their lawns the natural way. Selective Iron works by increasing the amount of iron. Broadleaf weeds (dicotyledons) absorb more iron than grasses, causing oxidative stress in the plant's cells. This stress on the plant cells causes necrosis and eventual death to your lawn weeds. It controls several species of broadleaf weeds. This product works quickly and effectively. The weeds die within hours of application. Treated weeds and moss will turn brown or black.

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Product Information


  • Active ingredient: Iron
  • Container volume (ounces): Varies

Product Features

  • Mineral-based herbicide
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • Natural ingredients

Product Benefits

  • Use to control many species including dandelion, moss, speedwell spp., white clover, English daisy, and common chickweed
  • Visible results within hours

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