Leonard Rigid Plastic Mesh Tree Guards 4-Inch Diameter, 48-Inch Length



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Protect your young trees from pesky animals!

Leonard Rigid Plastic Mesh Tree Guards feature a sturdy plastic construction. These guards measure 48 inches in length and fit trees up to 4 inches in diameter. Sold in bundles of five.Are deer, squirrels, rabbits, or woodchucks rubbing or chewing on your valuable trees? Use Leonard Tree Guards to protect your young trees from these animals and lawn equipment. The plastic material resists the damage caused by sunlight. Their dark color allows them to blend in with your landscaping.The open mesh design of Leonard Tree Guards allows your trees to breathe. This airflow prevents the growth of mold and mildew. It also discourages insects from taking up residence under the guard.Need a larger guard? Check out our selection of 6-inch diameter guards.

Product Information


  • Material: HDPE
  • Diameter (inches): 4
  • Length (inches): 48
  • Bundle count: 5

Product Features

  • Durable high-density polyethylene construction
  • Fit trees up to 4 inches in diameter
  • UV-treated

Product Benefits

  • Prevent damage caused by wildlife and equipment
  • Easy to install
  • Mesh design eliminates buildup of mold and mildew
  • Discourages insect activity

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from WA

Great deer thwarting device


I have ten backyard fruit trees, no fence, and lots of deer. I planted the trees bare root two years ago (apples, plums, cherries, peach, apricot). I used the 2' version of these at the start to keep rodents away from the trunks, and made small, round cages out of t-stakes and wire fencing to keep the deer away. The cages were only meant to be temp b/c our neighborhood has rules about landscaping, and the cages were pushing it. This year 8 of the trees were robust enough to take the cages down, prune off the lower branches, and use the 4' protectors. (Usually I would prefer to keep the lower branches on the trees longer, but for the deer/neighborhood rules). The trunk protectors have worked beautifully. The browse height of our deer is around 5', so these protect most of the trunk. On a few of the trees I shifted the old 2' protectors to overlap at the top to get the 5' of protection. Although quite rigid, the protectors are easy enough to take on/off to snip growth from the trunks, etc. And they blend in enough that they look fine in our landscaped neighborhood. I love my orchard! Note: the trunk needs to be pretty straight for the 4' length to work (they are very rigid). If you have a curved trunk, you might consider a couple of the 2' length to allow some articulation.

from NY

Tree Bark Savers!!


They work great!! No more damage by rubbing deer.

from TX

Trunk protector


I have lost several young trees to deer using the trunk to sharpen their antlers and to rub off the summer fuzz. By doing this they girdle the tree, killing it. With the rigid mesh tree bark protectors I no longer have that problem. Am presently using 8 of them and all is well.

from MD

protects from deer very well


I use the four foot size to protect my trees from male deer in the spring when they like to sharpen their horns on young, flexible tree trunks. It saves the trees from being wounded. Excellent product. I use cheap plastic ties. For fatter trunks you can flatten and tie two of these together. You can also stack a two foot and a four foot, to get six feet of protection. Once the tree no longer flexes, the deer seem to leave the biggest trunks alone.


Fast shipping!


please note that you only receive ONE...not 5 as suggested. 5 star product but needed ties to come with it to make it a 5 star. great customer service!
A.M. Leonard: Please note, the product is now sold and priced in bundles of 5.

from MI

Need ties


Like these- but they need to come with some sort of ties to keep them from falling off tree. Disappointed that they do not come with ties- especially for the price!

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