Leonard Quick Coupler Brass Hose Connectors

With up to 67% larger inside diameter, our ultra flow couplers mean you water faster!

Larger than standard quick couplers, for the convenience of quick attachment, without the water restriction of small ID couplers. Heavy-duty solid brass male and female couplers have standard hose threads.

Compare us to the competition! The inside diameter of our couplers is 5/8-inch; up to 67% larger than standard couplers on the market (3/8-inch to 9/16-inch), allowing you to get the most from your water pressure and volume.

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58CF Female Coupler Out of Stock
58CM Male Coupler In Stock $5.49

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from OH

Full Flow Quick Connect


These are the best fittings available!! Like one customer stated, the fittings seem almost impossible to connect & disconnect. Until I lubed them with Super Lube, a non-toxic Teflon & synthetic clear light grease. I've used this grease for years, and on other smaller Q-connects. The reason these flows are hard to operate out of the package is the reason I think is a BIG plus ... The male part of the Q-connect has the seal ... a simple, easy found o-ring. Most others use a special seal-gasket in the female Q-connect, tends to leak & usually must be purchased from the fittings manufacture. Lube the male o-ring & the female slides, these flows are butter smooth to operate with two fingers!! The wife is 5'4" 122# ... and has NO problem using these ...

from AZ

Industrial grade hose connectors


I've used many types of hose connectors, including hydraulic hose connects, that weren't as well constructed as these. As with any quality connector, keeping them lubricated with silicone or Teflon grease goes a long way toward making them work smoothly. So far no leaks, unlike the junk sold by the big box stores.

from TX

Full-Flow fittings are worth it


The tight fit issue goes away if you lightly lubricate the rubber O-ring. I use a food-grade silicone product, but there are a lot of other lubricants out there that won't deteriorate the O-ring or seize up the coupling.

from AL

Great, Full-Flow Hose Connector


The A. M. Leonard brass quick coupler hose connectors--male and female--are great, full-flow connectors. I've bought several for use around my 17 1/2 acre property. I am planting an arboretum--at least that's what I choose to call it--of rare and unusual cultivars of native trees and shrubs. Most of these plants, even though they are within sight of our house, are far enough away that I have to connect 2 to 4 75-foot 3/4 inch internal diameter hoses to reach them. These quick connectors work great to couple these hoses, watering wand, and similar attachments. Other connectors--even the brass ones--did not do nearly as well. I like the fact that these connectors do not restrict the water flow and I have no trouble watering my cherished native plant cultivars. Make sure you buy enough for the attachments in addition to connecting hoses; you won't regret it.

from IL

great for hose swapping in winter


Saves time and wet, frozen hands in winter when swapping hoses at the barn hydrant. Mostly works without a problem although the female connector can freeze up in very cold weather and will need a sharp tap to dislodge the ice.

from IL

Can't find these anywhere else.


The best feature of these couplers isn't even called out in the copy....they don't reduce the flow of water. I wasn't able to find ID 5/8 and top quality couplers at any other supplier. Already bought a bunch in case they stop making them.

from NV

Brass Quick Hose Couplers


I have everything good to say about this product. I cannot stand to uncouple hoses. I have many on drip systems and other sprinklers, water sources for chickens, dogs and horses. I have been using this product for about five years and add some each year. It is very sturdy and reliable and very fucnctional. I wouldn't think of ever have to go back to unscrewing a hose again. The only thing bad about the product is it gets dirty and is very hard to uncouple. After aging on a faucet or hose, or undoing a coupler many times a week, they age and are sometimes difficult to remove. A little WD-40 type produce usually solves the problem.

from IL

58CM Coupler


I have used plastic ones before and they don't hold up, so when I saw the brass ones I decided to try them. They are easy to use and are heavy enough to with stand frequent use and abuse. Good product!

from IN

Quick Disconnect Hose Coupler


In our operation, we need to frequently change out hose combinations and nozzles. These do a very good job and are quite robust and durable. Another important feature is that they are repairable.

from MO

The best quick-connect on the planet


If you are looking for 1) a full-flow quick connect set, and 2) durability, look no further. I've tried ALL the other available full flow quick connect sets for garden hoses you can find on the web. All of the others are completely or at least partially plastic and leak outright or start leaking after a year. This is the only set I've found that is made from brass and it makes a world of difference. They also include easily replaceable washer. If you don't need full flow, you have less expensive options -- but seriously, stay away from the plastic.

from MA

Well made coupler


I have bought several of these (as well as the female one) and they have performed well for me. They don't leak and have held up over a wide range of temperature. They connect and disconnect easily and securely. Definitely worth the money.

from MD

Best Quickk Coupler Yet


Large capacity water flow, solid construction, reasonably priced. Plus continuous flow when disconnected.

from CO

Heavy-duty Coupler


The other couplers I've tried are fine -- for one season. Then they tend not to fit together easily and the rubber hand grip falls apart. I like these couplers for their sturdiness and ease of connecting.

from CA

Leonard Quick Coupler Hose Connector Brass Male and Female


The male/female hose connectors are fabulous! They allow full water flow, as opposed to my previous quick-connect couplers. They work perfectly and are attractive as well. I highly recommend them!! My son discovered them and we both love them.

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