Leonard Poly Scoop Shovel with Extended D Grip Handle



Item # AP340-CHG
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An improvement on a classic!

A.M. Leonard took their revolutionary poly scoop shovel and made it even better! They make the Leonard Poly Scoop Shovel using a high-impact one-piece poly construction. The larger 14-inch by 17-3/4-inch head increases the capacity of the scoop by 20% over our original scoop. The extended 30-inch D-grip handle has a fiberglass core that enhances its overall strength and rigidity.No matter the job, the Leonard Poly Scoop Shovel is up to the task. Use it to clear debris, clean your deck, or unload your truck. The non-marring surface does not scratch materials, making it safe to use anywhere. The non-stick material makes this scoop great for removing snow, shoveling mulch, or scooping gravel.The one-piece molded design of the Leonard Poly Scoop Shovel sets it apart from similar scoops. This design eliminates stress points. The poly material never rusts, rots, or breaks. It even holds up to extreme weather conditions. A.M. Leonard designs this tool to last and back it up with a lifetime warranty!