Leonard Poly Lawn Rake with Composite Handle, 30-Inch Head



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This rake lets you cover more ground in less time!

This Leonard Poly Lawn Rake feature a durable 30-inch wide poly head with 30 T-shaped tines. This T shape enables the tines to retain their shape season after season better. The back of the head has a multi-ribbed design, reinforcing the head-to-handle connection. A.M. Leonard equips this rake with a 54-inch long Tuff-Flex composite handle. This handle is perfect for users that want a little extra strength at the cost of added weight. These 1-inch diameter handles offer 10% more mass than a standard rake handle.Leonard Poly Lawn Rakes let you cover more ground in less time. The ribbing on the tines increases their stiffness and strength, collecting more leaves with each stroke. These rakes give you all the benefits of a steel rake without the weight. Plus, A.M. Leonard?s signature orange color means you are less likely to lose it in the yard.The increased diameter of the handles sets them apart from other handles. This increase in diameter improves your overall grip and lessens hand fatigue during use. The extra mass also enhances the durability of the handle. From the handle to the tines A.M. Leonard designed their Poly Rakes to last. They back this up with a lifetime warranty!

Product Information


  • Head width (inches): 30
  • Tine count: 30
  • Handle length (inches): 54
  • Handle diameter (inches): 1
  • Handle material: Composite

Product Features

  • Durable poly head construction
  • Multi-ribbed back design reinforces head-to-handle connection
  • T-shaped tines increase strength and retain their shape
  • 54-inch long composite handle with a 1-inch diameter

Product Benefits

  • Cover more ground in less time
  • Tine ribbing allows you to get more leaves with each stroke
  • All the benefits of steel rakes without the weight
  • Signature orange color makes the rake easy to find in the yard
  • Handle diameter improves grip and lessens fatigue


We cover this product with a lifetime warranty. Please click here for details.

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