Leonard Poly Lawn Rake, 30in Head with Composite Handle

Leonard Poly Lawn Rake, 30in Head with Composite Handle

Cover a lot of ground with this wide but lightweight rake!

Lighter weight than steel rakes, you can cover a lot of ground with this rake. Multiple ribs add reinforcement to the head at the handle connection. Inverted T-ribs add strength and shape-holding ability to the rugged tines. 54in Tuff-Flex Composite handle that provides longer service life and greater strength than wood. The stand-out orange color means your rake won't get lost in the yard. One-inch diameter handle, 30-inch head with 30 tines. Lifetime warranty.

Item # Tine Count Head Width BRAND Handle Type Width Stock Status 1 – 5 6+ Qty
PPR24 24 Tines 23 Inches AM Leonard Composite 23-inch, 24 tine Out of Stock
$23.39 $21.89
PPR30 30 Tines 30 Inches AM Leonard Composite 30-inch, 30 tine Out of Stock
$26.49 $24.99

Product Information

Product Features

  • Wood Handle: Our 1-inch diameter hardwood handles offer 10% more handle mass than the standard rake handle. Plus, you'll notice it provides a more comfortable grip.
  • TuffFlex™ Composite Handle: Molded poly composite — The most durable handle option, if you don't mind a little added weight.
  • Leonard's own poly lawn and leaf rake
  • Popular size
  • Includes high quality ribbed poly tine construction, and a large diameter hardwood handle
  • Bright orange head color

Product Benefits

  • 54" long, not 48" gives you more comfort and longer reach.
  • 1" diameter handle gives easier grip, less hand fatigue, and greater durability.
  • The ribbing on the tines increases the stiffness and strength of each tine, helping you get more leaves with every stroke.
  • The bright orange color helps your crew find all of them at the end of a long day.


A.M. Leonard, Inc. warrants all its tools identified with the "A.M. Leonard Lifetime Warranty" to be free from material defects for the life of the tool

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from OH

Flexiblility and Durability Proven


The flexibility and durability of this tool is unique to any other like it. It took me a year to break 1 tine on this rake. Being used by 8+employees for the entire year has proven it is a great buy.

from SC

tough rake


I own a tree service and use rakes every day. These rakes by far outlast any other rake on the market... hands down the BEST rake out there.

from NY

Same as all the others


This is a nice rake if you are gentle with it, but it got destroyed just as fast as all the other poly rakes I've bought over the years... tines snap off or it cracks up closer to where the wood handle inserts. Can't someone make a rake my crew won't dest