Leonard Pick Mattock with 36-Inch Hickory Handle



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Ship Weight 7.60 lbs
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Makes short work of dirt, rocks, and roots!

We outfit the Leonard Pick Mattock with a 5-pound, forged steel head. This black, heat-treated head measures 18-1/8 inches in length and 3-1/2 inches in width with a 3-1/2-inch cutting edge. We finish off the tool with a 36-inch hickory handle.

The Leonard Pick Mattock is a truly versatile tool. It is ideal for digging out rocks and breaking up hardpan soil. It also makes short work of roots and makes digging small trenches a breeze. The extra-long hickory handle provides maximum leverage.

The Leonard Pick Mattock is a perfect example of our commitment to quality. From head to handle, we build this tool to last. We back this quality with our lifetime warranty!

Product Information


  • Overall weight (pounds): 7
  • Head material: Steel
  • Head weight (pounds): 5
  • Head length (inches): 18-18
  • Head width (inches): 3-1/2
  • Handle material: Wood
  • Handle length (inches): 36

Product Features

  • Pick mattock
  • Forged tool steel pick
  • Heat-treated and painted head
  • Hickory handle

Product Benefits

  • Ideal for digging out rocks and breaking up hardpan soil
  • Cuts through tough roots and is great for digging out small trenches
  • Painted head resists rust and corrosion
  • Extra-long hickory handle maximizes leverage


We cover this product with a lifetime warranty. Please click here for details.

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