New! Leonard OdJob™ Mixer & PathMate Stone Mold Set

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The perfect combination to tackle your DIY walkway or patio project!

The Leonard OdJob™ Concrete & Material Mixer mixes up to 60 lb of concrete in minutes! Easier than mixing in a wheelbarrow — without the mess! The Leonard OdJob's™ lid conveniently pre-measures water for mixing with dry concrete. Its patented design moves ingredients back and forth for the perfect consistency. Easy to use, handy to pour, a snap to clean, and compact to store.

Use the OdJob™ for more than just concrete! Mix fertilizer and amendments, compost, paint, and more. Heavy duty polyethylene construction is rugged enough to withstand regular use. 18" x 12" diameter, 7-gallon capacity.

The Leonard PathMate DIY Belgian Style Stone Mold makes it easy to create a walkway or patio in an afternoon! With just 3 simple steps you'll be enjoying your project! Pour quick-set concrete into the Leonard PathMate Mold on any flat surface. Smooth with a trowel. Wait one minute, lift the mold, and move on. This mold measures 20" x 24" x 2" and holds one 60 pound bag of premix concrete. Makes a straight path or patio.

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