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Leonard Lightweight Corn Broom

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Lightweight and easy to use!

The Leonard Lightweight Corn Broom features 100% natural corn fiber bristles. The head of this broom measures 12 inches wide, 14 inches tall, and 2 inches deep. We secure this broom head using five rows of stitching. The painted wooden handle measures 42 inches long and 15/16-inch in diameter.

Our Lightweight Corn Broom is perfect for sweeping light debris. Use it to clean up dirt, dry leaves, grass clippings, and more. The 12-inch-wide head makes short work of both indoor and outdoor surfaces. A lighter fill reduces overall weight yet retains flexibility.

We design this broom to be light and easy to use. The corn fibers provide a natural bristle with good durability. A hanging handle loop helps maintain broom shape during storage.

For heavier debris, we recommend our Heavyweight Corn Broom.
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