Leonard Grow Bags, 10-Gallon Size, Bundle of 10



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Superior to plastic pots in nearly every aspect!

We make our Leonard Grow Bags using heavyweight fabric. The bags feature woven fabric handles with lock stitching for maximum hold. These handles run all the way under the pot for a cradle-like design. These 10-gallon bags come in bundles of ten.Leonard grow bags are superior to plastic pots in most every aspect. Unlike plastic containers, the roots do not circle in the bottom of the grow bag. This design causes the root tips to contact air, which causes them to die. The death of the root causes a flush of fibrous feeder roots, resulting in an extremely healthy root system. Use Leonard Grow Bags with nearly any plant. They are great for trees, shrubs, vegetables, fruits, and flowering crops. They are also ideal for pot-in-pot or hydroponics systems.We design Leonard Grow Bags to last season after season. Their cradle-like design prevents handle loss and supports the bottom of the bag. The heavyweight fabric design resists rips and tears. Save on shipping with these bags, costing a fraction of the cost of traditional plastic pots!

Product Information


  • Container volume (gallons): 10
  • Container height (inches): 12
  • Container diameter (inches): 16
  • Fabric weight (grams per square meter): 250
  • Bags per bundle: 10

Product Features

  • Fabric pots
  • Heavyweight tear-resistant material
  • Woven handles
  • Lock stitching

Product Benefits

  • Superior to plastic containers in nearly every aspect
  • Great for trees, shrubs, vegetables, fruits, and flowering crops
  • Ideal for pot-in-pot, hydroponics, or indoor growing
  • Durable construction lasts season after season
  • Handles run under the pot for a cradle-like support
  • Facilitate superior growth by promoting a healthy root system
  • Compact, lightweight design saves on shipping costs

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