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Makes even the most tedious tasks easier!

The Leonard Garden Scoot supports up to 400 pounds of weight! This garden scoot features a durable 1-inch steel tube frame and a tractor-style seat. This seat adjusts from 16 inches to 22 inches, ensuring a comfortable fit for nearly any body type. A large basket and a polyethylene tray under the seat provide space for additional storage. A.M. Leonard outfits this scoot with four 10-inch diameter, 3-inch wide flat-free tires.The Leonard Garden Scoot eliminates the strain caused by kneeling, squatting, or stooping. It makes even the most tedious chores easier. Use it when weeding, harvesting, or even washing your car. The specially-designed steering makes it easy to operate on nearly any surface.A.M. Leonard designed the Garden Scoot for durability, versatility, and comfort. The flat-free tires eliminate the hassle of flats or low tire pressure. The storage basket is large enough to hold a small Tubtrug or a 5-gallon bucket. A tractor-style seat keeps you comfortable during extended work periods. A.M. Leonard covers this product with a lifetime warranty!

Product Information


  • Overall weight (pounds): 35-3/10
  • Product width (inches): 18 (excluding handles and basket)
  • Product width (inches): 32 (excluding handles and basket)
  • Tire count: 4
  • Tire type: Flat-free polyurethane
  • Tire diameter (inches): 10
  • Tire width (inches): 3
  • Seat adjustment range (inches): 16 to 22
  • Handle width (inches): 30
  • Maximum capacity (pounds): 400

Product Features

  • Welded steel tube frame
  • Adjustable tractor-style seat
  • Large storage basket
  • Under-seat polyethylene tray
  • Flat-free tires

Product Benefits

  • Eliminates strain caused by kneeling, squatting, and stooping
  • Simplifies even the most tedious tasks
  • Smoothly operates on nearly any surface
  • Flat-free tires never go flat or lose pressure


We cover this product with a lifetime warranty. Please click here for details.

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from OR

Useful, but rusts!


Great scooter function for larger flat areas, except it rusts heavily. Expected better quality from A.M. Leonard/Gardener's Edge. Not an outdoor tool exposed to sun, rain, or winter. Keep indoors to prevent non-stainless screws and bolts from rusting, as well as center screw rod for seat. I have had to replace all lug nuts, seat bolts, and drive pivot bolts (with stainless) because it rusted tight so front wheels would not turn. Needs to have stainless bolts installed during manufacturing!! Please upgrade this! Purchased in 2014. Where as my two plastic scooters have lasted 24 years. Paint fades quickly (two months), so again, keep sheltered. Need to repaint seat to prevent rusting further. Keep moving parts well greased to keep moving. Wish it came in green instead of orange, and wish wire cage in back would support weight of a 1-2 gallon sprayer.

from MO

Garden Scooter


Fine, common sense product with a terrible paint job.

from OH

Very beefy, well made scooter


Being disabled, I've been making do with sitting on stools to do my gardening. This scooter is a great replacement....it is easy to sit and get up from it, it is very sturdy, and makes gardening more fun!

from TX

Rolls Royce Of Garden Scoots


Like many others who are looking at this expensive garden scoots, just spend the extra money and get it, you will be happy everyday that it's in use. I ordered the small blue tub for it also, because you can't carry 150 lbs. in a 5 gallon bucket. Easy to scoot around on. It's long so it's more designed for long gardens, but it does turn easy. I have rocky areas where my farm is and was concerned about how well it would work. It rocks. Everyone would be blessed and glad they got one. Now I need two more....Darn it. Everyone wants to use mine and I can't say no to the oldman, he's 86.

from PA

Why didn't I get this before?


Seems very well built - was comfortable for me and I am NOT a small woman! Not as young as I used to be and I'm hoping this will make gardening easier - again seems a great product for the price

from IL

Garden cart


Since it is the middle of winter it is hard to tell if it will function as I hope it will to make gardening easier. After putting it together I did sit on it and tried to move and found steering a bit harder than I expected it would be and this was on sidewalk not dirt in the garden. When It arrived, I was concerned about it's condition because the box was beaten up with holes and the two straps around the box were cutting through the box. The direction said there was a bag of nuts and bolts but there was none. At first I thought that they fell out of one of the holes but later realized all the nuts and bolts were partially attached so putting it together was pretty easy but would be nice if the directions matched reality. I was disappointed that the paint on the scooter was already chipping in several places. I have to wonder if this means rust will occur the first year of use. I would have also liked to have more choices of color than orange.

from WV

Old fat man in the garden again


Being in his mid 70's loving to garden but not able because of size and ailments, my dad has become like a kid on Christmas. He is able to maneuver the cart easily with one one good leg yet fit with in the rows of produce without any damage. Cultivating and pruning as well as the good stuff at harvest time. This cart has put my oversize, over the hill dad back in the garden with a smile on his face instead of a grimace of pain from stooping and bending. The flat-free tires are just that, even with him on it. The tray and basket are perfect for tools and whatnot. Great product!

from ME

Where have you been all my life?


Love it. I bring it out with me all the time. As I have gotten older my shoulders are sore. It is so much easier to pull this than to have to carry a bucket of stuff or use a wheelbarrow.

from PA

Just received my Garden Scoot


Won a Garden Scoot during Mystery Monday photos [Facebook Contest]. Very little assembly. This thing feels very solid and seems well built. For a metal seat it is very comfortable. Look forward to many years of use.

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