Leonard Forged Steel Scoop Forks

Designed for the toughest jobs!

A.M. Leonard makes the heads of their Forged Steel Scoop Forks using a single piece of steel. This 15-1/2 inches by 15-inch head has ten diamond-shaped, beveled tines. These tines feature a shovel-like configuration to maximize scoop capacity. Choose your desired handle type below.

Leonard Forged Steel Scoop Forks make any job easier. Use yours to move compost, mulch, straw, and more with ease. The diamond tines and wide head scoop up more material per load.

A.M. Leonard designs their Forged Steel Scoop Forks to tackle the toughest of jobs. The single-piece steel head holds its shape for years. The tines are strong, yet they have a slight amount of flex for ease of use. A.M. Leonard covers this product with a lifetime warranty!

Item # BRAND Handle Type Stock Status 1 – 2 3+ Qty
AMF10L AM Leonard Straight In Stock $106.49 $100.39
AMF10 AM Leonard D-Grip In Stock $109.59 $103.49

Product Information


  • Head dimensions are 15 inches wide x 15-1/2 inches long
  • 48-inch straight handle or 30-inch D-grip handle
  • 10 forged steel tines

Product Features

  • Less expensive than the national brand, but just as good
  • Single piece forged steel tine construction
  • Deep blade shape
  • 30-inch D-grip style handle or 48-inch straight handle
  • Northern Ash handle material

Product Benefits

  • Much easier to dig into a pile of mulch than any shovel
  • Dump a scoop of mulch, turn the fork over and use it to spread the mulch evenly
  • Wide head is scooped to carry larger amounts of material
  • Great for cleaning up hay, straw, mower clippings, manure, leaves, piles of small branches and twigs, and other materials
  • Forged tines are very strong, yet have a slight amount of flex for ease of use
  • D-grip handle gives you greater leverage for heavier loads and a secure place to hold, so you won't lose the fork when you dump or throw the load. The longer handle is ideal for taller people or someone who wants to save on back strain.


A.M. Leonard covers this product with a lifetime warranty. Please click here for details.

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from MI

Great fork, very robust, but, too heavy for women & children


It's a great fork, the forged diamond shaped tines are close enough to pick up smaller pieces. Especially in paddocks where the long grass breaks the plastic forks. However, it's just too heavy for women and children to use for any length of time. Perhaps if it had an aluminum handle. I returned mine. Too bad. I really liked it's robustness. (AMF10L)

from CA

Only for the big and strong...


This is a well made tool, but too heavy for me except for limited use. The strong young men in the family love it. (AMF10L)

from PA

Decent but heavy for continued use


The fork itself is decent quality, but strenuous to use for a length of time at 7lbs. vs. many other brands weighing in at 4-5lbs.

from NC

Leonard forged 10 tine fork


We have in the past used different makes of this fork. We found the Leonard Fork stands up better where the fork and handle meet than other forks.