Leonard Forged Bow Rake, 62in Wooden Ash Handle

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A heavy-duty rake for heavy-duty jobs!

Unlike most T-head rakes, the tines of the Leonard Bow Rake head have a slight curve. This rake features a heat-treated 16-inch wide, 16-tine head. We connect this head via a welded 14-gauge steel socket to a 62-inch Northern Ash handle. A.M. Leonard flames the handle to show off its natural grain and then apply a clear lacquer to the exterior.

Leonard Bow Rakes are excellent for spreading topsoil, mulch, and compost. Use the tines to spread the soil and then invert the rake to level it out. You can also use this bow rake to remove trash, stones, or other debris. The 16-inch wide head works well for nearly any job and is narrow enough for tighter spaces. The curved tines pick up more material per stroke than traditional straight tines.

The Leonard Bow Rake gives you professional quality at a value price. A.M. Leonard rivets the welded 14-gauge socket all the way through the handle. This rivet ensures that the head will not pull apart from the handle like those held in place with a nail or screw. The ash handle is flexible yet sturdy and resists splintering. They back this tool with a lifetime warranty!

Product Information


  • Replaceable Ash handle
  • Replacement handle is our Product Number R16HDL
  • 62" handle
  • 16" wide head
  • Overall length 70"

Product Features

  • Head welded to socket
  • 14 ga. steel socket
  • Socket riveted to handle
  • Northern Ash handle
  • The teeth are more curved than most 'T' head rakes
  • 16" wide head has 16 tines
  • Bow style rakes have a little more flex than a 'T' head rake
  • Product Benefits

    • Welding the head into the socket adds stiffness and durability, and eliminates heads pulling from their sockets
    • The 14-gauge socket is riveted all the way through to the handle, not just held in place with a nail or a screw. This one won't pull apart!
    • Northern Ash is the best wood around for long handled tools. It is tough yet flexible, and resistant to splintering. The wood grain is 'flamed' to show off its grain, and then clear lacquered for additional weather and moisture resistance
    • The curved teeth means you can move more of what you are raking
    • 16 wide head is wide enough for most landscape jobs, narrow enough for tight spaces
    • Because bow style rakes have a little more flex than a 'T' head rake, you have some "give" when you hit that inevitable rock or root
    • This rake can be used to level and break up clumps of soil, remove trash, stones, and other debris. It is also great for spreading topsoil, mulch, or compost. Use 'tines down' to move soil, 'tines up' to level soil


    A.M. Leonard, Inc. warrants all its tools identified with the "A.M. Leonard Lifetime Warranty" to be free from material defects for the life of the tool.

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    from CT

    Bow rake


    This is a solid well built rake that should last a lifetime. You can feel the quality when you pick it up.

    from LA

    bow rake


    I hope it will last! Time will tell, but it appears to be well built, and should last short of total abuse.

    from GA

    Leonard Bow Rake


    Having had a cheaper bow rake fall apart recently, I wanted to find a rake with a socket that is riveted to the handle. The catalogue description fit the bill. I was hoping to find U.S. manufacture, but did not. The handle is long (as advertised), which contributes to the rake's weight. These two factors contribute to speedier fatigue among persons with smaller builds who use it. This is a very solid rake and I look forward to long use with it, but I would recommend adding a version in the catalogue with a shorter handle.

    from VT

    AM Leonard Bow Rake


    Initially I looked to purchase this rake on the hopes that AM Leonard still sold such items that were made in the USA - I had absolutely no luck searching for a quality rake locally, so I went online to the AM Leonard website. I was specifically looking for a well-made, long handled (I'm 6' tall) bow rake that I could use for both home gardening and to maintain my 300' gravel driveway and extensive walking trails on 21 acres. It was important to me that the socket was riveted to the handle - I have no interest in a product that won't stand up to a day's work. While so far the rake appears to be made to the standards I knew AM Leonard has, I was truly disappointed when it arrived to see it too was made in China - I have yet to find any product made in China that I would associate with the high quality that once was the hallmark of USA manufacturers, and for which I would proudly pay more for. Time will tell, but so far I have been satisfied with the rake's performance, if not with its origin.

    from IN

    leonard R16 bow rake


    Excellent heavy duty rake. Top of rake is good for leveling the soil and entire rake is top quality.

    from WA

    R16 Bow Rake


    This rake is the real thing. I went to the local big boxes and all they had was chinese rakes with weak...white wood short handles. I took a flyer on this and came out the winner. This rake has a nice long ash handle, solid steel bow and tines, a good feel, and actually looks like something you might find on a commercial paving truck.

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