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Saves time and saves your back!

A.M. Leonard designed the Leonard Cleanup Caddy for comfort and efficiency. These 36-inch cleanup tongs feature a lightweight aluminum construction. A 3-1/2-inch wide jaw opening makes it easy to pick up almost any object. Metal guides between the arms prevent them from crossing over, keeping each grab consistent. We equipped this tool with cushion grip handles to maximize comfort.The Leonard Cleanup Caddy eliminates bending during cleanup. This tool is precise enough to pick up a penny yet strong enough to pick up a brick! Use it to collect cans, bottles, paper, or other refuse. It is both easier and faster than a spear. Just close it with a light squeeze and it springs back to its original position when you relax your grip, releasing any litter.The Leonard Cleanup Caddy is lightweight yet durable. The aluminum material resists weather, rust, and corrosion. This tool features fewer moving parts, extending its service life. It is no wonder that highway crews across the country trust the Leonard Cleanup Caddy. A.M. Leonard backs this tool with their lifetime warranty!

Product Information


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Length (inches): 36
  • Opening width (inches): 3-1/2
  • Weight (pounds): 1

Product Features

  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Metal guides prevent arm crossover
  • Cushioned grips

Product Benefits

  • Eliminates bending and stooping during cleanup
  • Precise enough to pick up a penny yet strong enough to pick up a brick
  • Easier to use than a spear ? just squeeze to pick up and relax your grip to release
  • Aluminum construction resists weather, rust, and corrosion
  • Designed with fewer moving parts to maximize service life


We cover this product with our lifetime warranty. Please click here for details.

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from VA

Great Product


Bought it for road cleanup with Monticello Ruritans. I wish all of our 22 volunteers had one. Together we picked up 43 bags of trash.

from WA

Important Back-Saving Tool


My wife and I have been volunteer camp ground hosts at one of our nearby State parks for over 10 years. Because of the poor economy and poor State funding for many parks, we have been buying our own equipment for several years. The Clean-Up Caddy is our favorite tool and is indispensable in cleaning campsites and general trash pick up. When new, you can pick up a dime that is flat on the ground. You can reach without bending into bushes and fire pits. They last about two years before the aluminum ends become worn and unusable. They used to cost about $16 when we first started hosting, but they are a necessity and much easier to use than the pistol-grip, suction-cup style, so the price is worth it for saving your back.

from TX

Great for picking up large Magnolia leaves


I use this tool for picking up Magnolia leaves, small branches and trash after a storm. Such a durable tool and lightweight, too.

from MI

Pick up Stix


We've been using pick up stix in our parks for 25 years. Your latest model is much improved over the past models. I like the bright orange handles but the foam could be a little thinner.

from OR

We use a lot of them!


The clean up caddy is simple and useful for just about any kind of worker to use pick up litter. We spend 4 crew hours each day doing it. They last us about 2 years. The tips end up getting worn down and the U-shaped guide eventually loosens, and can fall off. But still the price is right for 2 years of usefulness.

from VA

works great


I bought this item because there was nothing to wear out on it. No suction cups to come off etc. It does lack a rubber surface that allows one to pick up smooth items. I expect to come up with a way to compensate for that lack.

from MI

pickup stix


i have been using them for 16 years would not be without them they are a great tool for getting down in bushes under cars and compactors and best of all they are a green tool when they wear out and won't pick up you can recycle them

from NJ

Handy picker-upper


We have 3 of these around the house, in the basement, and in my husband's workshop. We use them for picking up anything and everything off the floor. I also use it to reach clothes in the back of the dryer. Also outside I use it to pick up clumps of leaves in our pond. So handy - saves bending over and at our age (70's), that's not so easy anymore.

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