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A customer favorite for over a decade!

The Leonard Classic Soil Knife features a tapered six-inch stainless-steel blade. This blade combines a straight, sharp edge and a serrated edge. The one-piece molded composite handle has an extra-wide guard.The Leonard Classic Soil Knife is three tools in one. Use it for nearly any digging, cutting, or sawing task. It excels at removing rocks, weeding, planting, dividing crowns, and cutting roots. The larger grip guard keeps your hand safe from the razor-sharp blade. This knife is a classic for a reason! The Leonard Classic Soil Knife has been a customer favorite for decades. Recommended by members of the National Home Gardening Club and by Gardening Products Review. A.M. Leonard backs this tool with a lifetime warranty!Keep your Classic Soil Knife safe and sound with a Leonard Leather Sheath. Better yet, purchase both together and save some money!

Product Information


  • Overall length (inches): 11-3/4
  • Overall weight (pounds): 4/5
  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Blade length (inches): 6
  • Blade width (inches): 1-3/4
  • Handle material: Composite plastic
  • Handle length (inches): 5-3/4

Product Features

  • Stainless-steel blade with matte finish
  • Tapered blade features both a straight and a tapered edge
  • One-piece molded composite handle
  • Extra-wide grip guard

Product Benefits

  • Dual-edged blade allows you to dig, cut, or saw
  • Extra-wide guard protects your hands
  • Excels at nearly any landscaping task
  • Critically-acclaimed by both amateur and professional gardeners


We cover this product with a lifetime warranty. Please click here for details.

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Overall Rating: 5/5

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from MO

Not as good as the deluxe knife


I thought I had lost my deluxe soil knife and could not garden without this tool. So I ordered the classic knife thinking it would be just like the deluxe without the measurements and notch for cutting string. Oh dear, the serrated edge on the classic will not saw through even a tiny weed. Thank goodness I found the lost deluxe knife because the new classic is pretty much only good for digging a hole to plant. Others need to know there is a very big difference between the deluxe and the classic.

Gardener's Edge responds: Thank you for your feedback! The deluxe soil knife is definitely much sharper than the classic. Some customers have told us that the deluxe is too sharp for their needs and prefer the classic, so we continue to carry both versions to meet everyone's needs. Thanks again for sharing your experience and helping others decide which version is best for them!

from KY

Best tool ever


A must have tool for anyone who likes to get dirty. From weeding to planting, this tool is perfect in every way. It is sturdy and fits perfectly in my hand. Don't waste your money on the hand rakes or shovels from the big box stores. This one is all you need!

from PA

A must have!


I started landscaping as a job and we use these all the time in the flowerbeds. I liked them so much I bought one for myself! They are very sturdy and durable; clients tend to call them a dangerous weapon! ;)

from KY

Stainless Steel Soil Knife


A neighbor introduced me to this product many years ago. I liked hers so well I asked her to order me seven of these tools, one for each of my six children and one for me. Over the years two of my children's knives snapped off at the handle, but these work so well that I reordered two more to replace theirs. The rest of the knives are well used and guarded like gold. I will replace them again if needed. I think they snapped off because they were not being used for what they were intended. Tree roots were the problem.

from MI

Best hand tool in the tool box


Great handy tool

from OK

Steel Soil Knife Just Works


Excellent garden tool on multiple levels from working in soil with rocks, heavy roots, or heavy clay.

from MI

Soil Knife


Sturdy,dependable. I use it to divide plants and also to open a small hole for planting small plants.

from CO

Solid and Simple


Really simple tool that does the trick. Mostly use it for weeding, but I also occasionally use it for transplanting and direct seeding bigger seeds.

from OH

Leonard Soil Knife


I was devastated when I lost my first soil knife after over 10 years of use so I bought 2 more - one for my wife. Undoubtedly the most useful gardening tool I have ever used!

from NE



If a hand shovel can be bent, cracked, or otherwise destroyed, I will do it. The AM Leonard soil knife is one of the highest quality tools I've ever owned. It's amazing. It's also well balanced, and great for throwing.

from WA

The. Best. Tool. Ever!


I bought it to replace my hori hori because the handle was more durable, more comfortable and easier to find than the traditional wooden handle. It lives in my back pocket when I'm gardening.

from KY

Love the Color


After purchasing one I ordered about a half dozen and gave to family and friends. Many, many uses for this tool but to me the important feature of it is the handle color. Can easily be found when using it cause not many other tools are orange in color as when working I will often stick it in the ground near-by and it will be very visible when I reach for it again.

from OH



Love this tool! I use it for everything...digging, cutting edges, splitting roots for transplanting, .....you name it, it does it. It never wears out and is comfortable in my hand.

from MI

Great shovel, but Deluxe Knife is even better


This is a great hand shovel / knife and the only reason I gave it 4/5 instead of a 5/5 rating is because I have used the Deluxe Stainless Steel Soil Knife, and the serrated edge is much better on the Deluxe model. We own a landscaping company and plant over 3,000 flats of annuals a year in addition to using the shovels for monthly maintenance (weeding) and fall clean-up (cutting down perennials). We were having issues with shovels wearing down and breaking, and having to carry a separate knife to cut things down. Quality has never been an issue with these shovels (soil knifes) and have never broken one. Well worth the extra couple of dollars, because the quality is unbelievable. Only issue we have now with the shovels is when guys leave them at places, although the orange handle makes it easier to find. The serrated edge is good for most people, but definitely be careful that you don't cut yourself with it.

from RI

does all it claims


I love my soil knife and have to keep it hidden from my husband, because he loves it too. It serves so many purposes in the veg garden: cutting string, harvesting asparagus, trimming plants, popping weeds out of the ground, cultivating close the stem....have been using it lately to plant bulbs--it's perfect for cutting a small hole at the correct depth by using the measurement marks on the knife, and it allows me to scatter the bulbs wherever I like so they can naturalize.

from WA

U need this!


I have had three of these over the years....and they are the best all in one tool on your belt.....planting color, weeding beds, chopping and cutting roots, etc....well worth the money....

from IL

Leonard Classic Soil Knife (#4750)


The Classic Soil Knife is great for general gardening and yard work. But this year, the weeds were tuff and our soil was dry and hard. I wish I would have purchased the "sharp" Leonard Soil Knife (#4752).

from MA

The tool I'm never without


I've used this wonderful... not really fair to just call it a knife; I use it for so many things... weeder, planter, bag opener, and the ridges on the side make it a great edger. It is a great gift for gardening friends!

from MI

Single best garden tool


My wife and I bought our first soil knife and leather sheath about ten years ago. We quickly found that we both wanted to use it so we bought a second one. We have a very large garden and also maintain a large butterfly garden we planted on city property at the entrance to our subdivision. We never go into the gardens without the soil knives sheathed on our belts so they are always available. They are indispensable for weeding and planting annuals and small perennials. I wear it when I mow the lawn so I can pop out the occasional weed when I spot it or scrape the errant straggler out of the sidewalk cracks. It opens plastic bags of mulch or soil with one easy swipe and is great for lifting, leveling and resetting my cantaloupe-sized border rocks. After 10 years of use, I broke the blade on my knife while prying at a stubborn root. I don't think I was using excessive force and know that I have used it for tougher jobs many times over the years, but it broke about a half inch from the handle.


My all-time favorite garden tool.


I have been using one of the classic soil knives for years and I have always found it to be a perfect and indispensable tool. I recently bought three more for my students to use in our school garden and they are the first tools they grab for most garden jobs. I hope to purchase a few more this year so they don't have to fight over them. Quality wise...I still have the first Classic Soil Knife that I purchased over 8 years ago. They almost indestructible and the orange hand makes them easy to spot and less likely to be left at a job site (a big plus with students). This tool is well worth the cost!

from PA

Great Tool!


Used it often this summer - edges are nice and sharp,

from NC

Classic Soil Knife


This knife was given to me as a gift, and has been the best garden tool I have ever owned. I have since bought two more, because I don't ever want to be without it. Great for pulling weeds!!

from OH

this soil knife is wonderful


I have purchased many of these knives! I have 3 myself, and have given many as gifts to family, friends, and speakers at my Master Gardener programs. I use the knife for many purposes: basic digging, dividing perennials, planting seedlings, and even hacking through poison ivy in the woods. I love the orange handle, I can always find it after laying it down somewhere in the garden. I own 3 and have them in 3 different sites in the garden. That way I always have one close at hand. This tool replaced a trowel, hoe, garden row marker, bulb planter, and hand rake. Now I only need my soil knife!

from CO

Strong and multi-purpose


This gardening knife has been one of the most important garden tools for my volunteers and myself. The strong blade works well in the clay soil we have for both planting and weeding. And we especially like the bright orange handle, which makes it more difficult to lose!

from ME

Once used, can't live without it


A friend let me borrow hers for weeding and I bought 2 for myself and 2 for gifts. The most used and useful tool that I own.

from CO

can't live without it


The AM Leonard Soil Knife is wonderful. I can't imagine working without it. Not only is it super useful for weeding, planting, and cutting open bags, it also looks cool too!

from WI

best weeder


We have a nursery with acres of plants in display gardens and in the field, which means acres of weeding. We have 3 soil knives for 5 of us and we all go for the soil knives when we're weeding. Best weeder ever. Thanks AM Leonard.

from CA

Best Trowel Available


Started using these trowels about twenty years ago when teaching Horticulture at an L.A. high school. Never had one bend, break, or lose it's edge. Still use them on my own acreage now that I'm retired. Excellent, reliable tool.

from WV



The best yard tool around. I have 2 and have gotten several others for friends. Everyone loves it. One friend told me she was mad at me for never telling her about the best tool ever until now. Every gardner needs this tool. You will never go without it again!!!!

from FL

E-mail Request


Main thing I like is the bump on the handle so your hand does not slip to the knife.

from WV

Owned since 2000


This is the finest soil knife I have ever owned. Love this one w/o the notch cord cutter.

from FL



I care for 2 very large gardens in a public botanical garden and carry the classic soil knife at all times as it has made my weeding chores much more pleasant. The finish shows no corrosion after several years' use, and the mild serrations are enough to cut through some roots but not through skin (unlike the newer 4752, which has become corroded and has cut me). This tool seems indestructible.

from IN

Simply the BEST gardening hand tool available!


I received a soil knife about 8-9 years ago as gift from my mother-in-law who was active in her local garden club. Her gardener recommended the soil knife to her. It is simply marvelous! I have purchased a second knife for my husband. We use them constantly in our large landscaped yard. I have used them extensively for years as a gardener for several businesses and homeowners. I am purchasing 2 today as gifts. Everyone who gardens with me wants one! This is the one tool that every gardener of every age should use! Thanks so much for a terrific product!

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