Leonard Caprock Irrigation Shovels

Ideal for digging out trees, shrubs, and trenches!

Leonard Caprock Irrigation Shovels feature a strong, forged steel blade. This blade measures 9-1/2 inches wide and 9-3/4 inches long and has a shallow bowl. An extended tab socket connects the blade to the handle with a double-rivet connection. Choose your desired handle type below.

We designed our Caprock Irrigation Shovels for digging out trees, shrubs, and trenches. These shovels have virtually no handle lift, allowing for near vertical digging. This design makes them great for digging holes that require straight edges or in tight digging spaces. You can also dig out soft, muddy soil without the handle getting in the way. With the solid shank, there is no place for soil to build up at the bottom. Their point is much rounder than standard round-point shovels.

Leonard Caprock Shovels are extremely durable. The forged steel blade is virtually indestructible. The double-riveted, extended socket maximizes head retention. We back each of these shovels with our lifetime warranty!

Item # Handle Handle Type Stock Status Price Qty
IS2A 48-inch Ash Wood Handle: Traditional, easier to use. Wood's grain vertically lined up for maximum strength. 48-Inch American Ash Handle In Stock $69.79
IS2C 48-inch Tuff-Flex™ Composite Handle: Stronger and more weather-resistant, but still gives that "wood feel". 48-Inch Tuff-Flex Composite Handle In Stock $78.19
A4350 48-inch Tuff-Strong™ Fiberglass Handle: Delivers high strength with extra rigidity; incredibly strong! 48-Inch Tuff-Strong Fiberglass Handle In Stock $68.29
IS2D N/A 30-Inch D-Grip Handle In Stock $79.99

Product Information


  • Blade material: Steel
  • Blade length (inches): 9-1/4
  • Blade width (inches): 9-3/4
  • Blade lift (inches): 2-1/8
  • Handle material: Varies
  • Handle type: Varies
  • Handle length (inches): Varies

Product Features

  • Caprock shovels
  • Forged steel blade
  • Extra-round point
  • Shallow bowl
  • Extended tab socket
  • Double-riveted connection

Product Benefits

  • Extremely durable for a lifetime of use
  • Specially designed for digging out trees, shrubs, and trenches
  • Great for digging holes with straight edges and for digging in tight spaces
  • Low blade lift allows for near vertical digging
  • Soft, muddy soil does not build up around the bottom of the shank


We cover this product with a lifetime warranty. Please click here for details.