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The original, it's always been backed by our lifetime guarantee. A great value too—half the price of cape cod weeders you'd find elsewhere!

This decades old design is still as functional and popular a choice as ever! The angle of the cutting blade and the efficient motion of pulling combine to create a tool extremely effective at cutting weeds below the surface. It cuts deeper into the soil to capture the majority of the root system.

The Cape Cod Weeder is also a great companion for planting smaller annuals too. It can be used to dig and cultivate the soil for quick planting from cell packs. The narrow tip comes in handy when weeding between stone and paved pathways, an area where many other weeding tools are useless.

The forged steel construction includes additional heat treatment of the cutting blade to keep a good edge, even in tough soil conditions. Comfortable contoured hardwood handle is finished for weather-resistance. 2-3/4-inch cutting edge, 13-inch overall length. Lifetime warranty.

Product Information


  • Overall length 13"
  • 2-3/4" cutting edge

Product Features

  • Forged steel with a hardened blade surface holds up in tough soils
  • Contoured hardwood handle is finished for weather resistance

Product Benefits

  • Traditional "Cape Cod" design slices through soil, cutting weeds below the surface
  • Aerates and loosens soil


Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's lifetime guarantee

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from WA

garden tool


My favorite garden tool! I lost it (stolen) after 40 years. Thank you for having this so I can replace it. Lost without it.

from MD

Weed Bomber


Decent steel, excellent ergonomics, quality wood, kills weeds of a variety of shapes/sizes. Or as the Brits say : " Does what it says on the Tin!".

from OH

Cape cod weeder


My new favorite garden tool! Makes weeding go much faster.

from MI

Cape Cod Weeder


This is the best tool out there!!! It has saved my hands so much. It tackles the weeds in seconds ! It is also very versatile for other duties.

from WA

One of My Main Gardening Tools


I use this tool almost as much as my pruners and feel almost handicapped without it. They are really tough and I've never had one bend on me. It works great for weeding gravel walks and drives although gravel does wear down the metal after a few years. I use it not only for weeds but for loosening the soil or to plant smaller plants. One valuable tip: wrap bright electrical tape around the handle to make it easy to spot - you don't want to lose it!

from MO

Leonard Cape Cod Weeder


I received the same style weeder from my sister as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. I've gardened for 40 years and this is my favorite tool. It is great to get the small weeds next to vegetable garden plants and flowers. I purchased 3 of these from A.M Leonard as gifts for my daughter and two sisters. This weeder from A.M. Leonard is a better value and are very well made.

from VT

Absolutely the best


Over the years I've owned several versions of this weeder, and this one is absolutely the best. The quality of its materials, its proportions and balance, and its comfort in the hand make it a reliable companion in the garden -- one that shares the most disagreeable of chores. Even the stony soils of Vermont are slow to deplete its blade.

from MI

Get One!


This is the most useful hand-tool I have. I can't imagine gardening without it. My husband calls it Captain Hook. I've been using these for three decades in the garden, and give them as gifts to other gardeners. Superb.

from WI

Best weeding tool for me


This is the best hand weeding tool that I've used. I have found that preference for weeding tools varies widely from person to person, but this is the style of weeding tool that works best for me. It takes the place of several tools all in one, from fine touch to aggressive root pulling. I have bought one for each of my family to have for their own.

from NY

Must have tool


I had one of these and lost it, and had to replace it right away. It is easy to use and tough as nails.

from OH

power dibble


I've discovered a new use for this. Yes, it's as good as a hori hori knife, but it's also a great power dibble. The forecast was calling for snow and I still had over 50 crocus bulbs to plant in the front yard. Grabbed this little weeder and slammed it into the grass, then pulled it a bit to make little holes, and all the crocus bulbs were planted in less than fifteen minutes.

from TN

Great Weeder


This weeder is stronger than me. Unlike the Japanese weeder that broke after repeatedly bending out of shape, the neck on this tool doesn't budge. I have pried and pulled as hard as I can without problem. A few passes with a bastard file keeps the edge sharp and slicing through the weed roots. I can dig out the the deeper roots with no problem.

from NJ

Love It, Love It, Love It!


I've never enjoyed weeding so much! I know that sounds strange, but it's true. The Cape Cod Weeder makes my garden and lawn a breeze. Will be purchasing another one for my husband. He keeps taking mine!

from OH

A small tweak makes this good tool great


As a landscaper, we employ a lot of different guys who all seem to have their favorite bed weeding tool for spring clean ups. The Cape Cod Weeder is the the most popular choice and the half dozen we have get a lot of use. Within about 3 weeks of buying the first batch the blade pulled out of the handle. In Columbus we have very heavy clay soil and the use we gave these tools might better be described as abuse. Jackie, our super-sales-girl at AM Leonard, quickly sent out replacements (they are always great to deal with) but my guys destroyed those tools as well. So if you run into this problem there is a super easy fix. On a drill press make a small hole through the metal collar, the wooden handle and the steel shank of the blade, then drop a short cotter pin in the hole, and BAM!! your one minute of work provides a tool that lasts through more than two years of daily use and abuse.

from NE

Best All-Round Garden Tool


As a master gardener, I've tried many types of hand tools. The cape cod weeder is the best all-round garden tool ever. I not only 'weed' with it, but dig holes to plant transplants, lift paving stones, cultivate mulch, make straight rows for seeds, and scrape out the bottom of the lawn mower. A Felco hand prunner and a cape cod weeder is all you need for daily garden chores!

from VA

The Absolute Best Gardening Tool


Honestly, I lost my Cape Cod Weeder last year, and just shudder to go into my garden without it. It works like an extension to your arm. We have wire grass in the yard, and it obviously gets into the garden. This is the best tool for the job! Also, as I'm going around the beds, I can edge with this puppy too! It's sharp, angled perfectly, and very easy to manipulate. I've used it for years in professional beds - it can help lever edging rocks as well. My kids love this tool too (which is why it's gone missing!). I've ordered three so I always have one available for myself, and two for the kids as it makes gardening fun for them vs a chore.

from WA

This is my favorite tool


This is my favorite hand tool, even has surpassed my hori hori knife as the one I reach for. I've been gardening a looooonnnggg time.

from CA

Best tool ever!


I purchased the A.M. Leonard Soil Knife years ago and I thought that was the best tool I'd ever used, that is until I received my A.M. Leonard Cape Cod Weeder. I've been eradicating a particularly invasive weed from my yard and this tool has been amazing! The roots grow close to the soil surface and all i have to do is scrape the top layer and the roots are gone! I'm so glad I made this purchase. If you're hesitating - DON'T! BUY IT NOW!

from MA

Almost the only tool you need


The design of the Leonard Cape Cod Weeder is a stroke of genius. I actually live on Cape Cod (the name had nothing to do with my purchase)and we have very sandy soil. I use it for every cultivating need I have. I've even used it to pull chunks of weeds, grass from edged areas. This purchase was to replace a well loved and used product that I had for over 23 years. It didn't wear out, I lost the original one as I believe it went for a ride on the trunk of my car and slipped off. Lucky person that found it!

from VA

A solid tool!


This is the type of tool that I use all the time for getting out difficult to reach weed roots, etc., The long handle and slender design are ideal for this purpose; it is well made and attractive (which never hurts) but most importantly, it gets the job done!

from MN

My Go To Hand Weeder


I love this tool. It's lightweight, fits my hand well and is great for close weeding and tight spaces. It also works well for weeding between pavers and sidewalk cracks.

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