Leonard ArborRain Mini 2.5 Gallon Watering System



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Just What Your Tomatoes Ordered!

Proven effective on trees and now available for your tomatoes! The ArborRain Mini 2.5 Gallon Watering System is the perfect companion to keep your tomatoes and other stalk type vegetables evenly watered. Equipped with two emitters that provide even water coverage over a 5 hour period, giving your tomatoes a slow, steady, thorough drink. Its 18.5" diameter covers the soil to delay evaporation, suppress weeds and discourage soil-borne pests. It even acts as insulation on cold spring nights. An excellent addition to root pouches and containers measuring at least 18" across. Threaded cap unscrews from 7/8" opening, making for easy filling.

Product Information

Product Features

  • Two emitters provide even water coverage
  • Slow 5-hour release rate means good, thorough watering
  • Prevents evaporation and provides weed prevention
  • Fits most 7-gallon and larger pots or grow bags
  • 18-1/2 inch diameter
  • Threaded filler cap
  • 2-1/2-gallon capacity
  • Works well with new plants and shrubs to provide a constant source of water
  • Use it in any type of bed or garden
  • Smaller profile allows for use in landscape beds
  • Slow water release provides deep-root development of plant, ensuring better growth characteristics

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from AZ

Pretty simple concept BUT LOVE IT


Simple concept but these saved my trees w/o irrigation