Leonard ArborRain Hydrator for Trees and Shrubs

Slow, even watering means maximum usage by the tree.

Great way to protect your investment in newly planted trees and shrubs. High capacity 20 or 32 gallon models release water over a 5 to 8 hour timeframe allowing water to permeate deep into the soil, hydrating both root ball and surrounding soil for complete coverage.

ArborRain™ is designed with a low profile to blend in better with the natural surroundings and the dark brown color dramatically reduces its visibility when used along with dark hardwood mulches. Fits up to 6-inch diameter trees; multiple hydrators can be placed around the drip line of large established trees to alleviate stress from drought or new construction.

Item # Depth Capacity Weight Filled Diameter Stock Status 1 – 23 24+ 1 – 15 16+ Qty
AR20 12 20 gallons 4.03 34 inches In Stock $27.99 $25.89 N\A N\A
AR32 11 32 gallons 0 40 inches In Stock N\A N\A $35.59 $32.39

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Product is covered by A.M Leonard's 5 year guarantee against manufacturer defects.

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from MO



I thought this would be great for watering new trees in my yard. Five days after filling the ring, only about 10% of the water had dripped out and now more than a week later the water level hasn't changed significantly. I'm back to letting my hose drip under the tree. REALLY sorry I bought two!

from MO

initial impression


Just received 15 of these for new tree planted, first fill up went pretty smooth and the quality seems heavy duty enough to last for years. Did as the said with drain out time a little over 6 hours. Will move to my next planting in next year to give a good start on the next 15 I plant. Will probably buy a few more next for the trees around the house.

from SC

Good system


I have been using 9 of the rings and they have worked well. Some of the trees are on a slope so I propped up the sloping side with mulch and it works great. The velcro is glued on so in the heat three have come off, but the rings have stayed put because of how I propped the rings up with the mulch. Will be getting more later in the fall. This sure beats hand watering all day long!

from OK

Very Helpful but Has Some Problems


I like that it keeps the weeds away and shades the ground around our new trees and it has done a great job of getting our newly planted trees through this summer's 100+ degree days and drought. We had a problem with the velcro tabs coming off the bags so they don't hold themselves in a doughnut shape and they are difficult to fill fully as the bag sags down and pushes the water out of the hole. Some way to hold up the bag up, other than pulling up on to the cap, would be helpful.

from WA

ArborRain review


We wanted a system to provide slow watering of new fruit trees in a very sandy soil. Positive points: 1. The bladder prevents weeds from encroaching on the area around the tree. 2. The area around the tree seems to remain hydrated between waterings. Recomendation for improvement: Provide a handle to hold the bladder up while filling.

from VA



I didn't realize when I bought this product that it's actually designed for conifers as opposed to deciduous trees. There is a different model for deciduous trees. This product has not really worked for us because my deciduous tree is on a slope and I found out that this product to work properly needs to be on the level. I tried propping it up so that it would drip but with only limited success.


Keeping plants watered


This Product does very well. Save time and water by targeting the area directly close to the plant.

from MD

"Donut" Hydration Sprouts Holes


Dislike - the "donuts" sprouted holes on its seams and in random spots on the upper surfaces. I could have imagined holes developing on the bottom, but the pin holes developed on the TOP. So, they did not fulfill their function to drip water over a period of hours. Disappointed.

from PA

Worked Well


The wide opening made it easy to fill. The low profile and brown color makes it blend into the landscape.

from WV



Overall I was more satisfied with having them than not. They were easy to fill. I had 3 newly nursery planted trees that I did not want to lose in the drought we had. I did not think ahead about how the nursery had piled mulch around the trees-they are large. It made laying the bags difficult and uneven. This plus the fact that they are planted on the side of a hill at a 30 percent grade. Parts of the bags drained flat and there were lumpy water filled areas of the same bag that evidently were not draining at the same rate. I tried to adjust the bag to no effect. This was still better than standing out there in 100 degree dry heat watering with a hose. When the rains came the water lay on top of the partially deflated bags and I did not think the trees got the benefit of the rain. I finally I removed them and put them away. I opened the valve and drained out what I could from the bags but there is still water in them and I do not know how I will ever get it out other than letting it evaporate over time.

from WA



Made a difference in just a few days... great way to establish your trees. I purchased 4 since we installed multiple trees. Should have purchased larger and smaller ..we live in a windy area so the larger version does not do well with tree stakes.

from OH

Work Great, except for velcro


The product functions great. The velcro fastener can loosen within a few hours of installation. If you have a slow hose you need to make something to hold the inlet up while it fills.

from GA

Saving my tree?


I have a golden rain tree that was losing leaves early. I inqired of Walter Reeves TV program and sent a picture. I was informed that my tree needed 60 gallons of water each week. This looks like the only way I can save my tree.

from KS

Watering small fruit trees


I purchased the ArborRain Hydration System AR32 because with the long hot spell I could not keep enough water on the 2 yr old trees as well as everything else needing watered! The ground was not flat so I had to work a little to position them so the water would all drain out. I would recommend them to anyone needing water to keep a steady supply of water. This was a trial run, however we found they worked as well as the more expensive brand. We will be ordering more for the coming summer.

from KY

arbor rain hydration


I think these are junk. They have 2 small holes on each side. The water does not get distributed to the root zone. If on a slope at all, forget about it totally. Also, once the water is dripped out, a quart or more always stays in the bladder. You can not properly drain and fold these up when you are done.

from NE



I have not been disappointed with this product. Currently have several around trees in the horse pasture and they have held up well. Easy to use--fill and forget about them for a week or so. Has saved a lot of time dragging water to distant pasture.

from NJ

ArborRain Hydration System, 32 Gallon


I purchased two of these Hydration Rings to supplement watering two trees on my property during a very hot, dry summer. My sprinkler system was delayed and dragging hose around several acres is not an option at age 63. I don't like filling the rings, it takes forever with my garden hose, but does help the newly planted trees to get their roots established! Thankfully, the sprinklers finally got done and the trees will be watered every day until frost.

from AL

ArborRain hydrator


Like the ease of setting up and filing. One problem with it is that you have to make sure once filled that the 2 water exit spouts are not kinked or prevented from releasing water due to soil/rocks, etc. Would recommend for use. C. A. Huntsville, AL

from NY



Great product to help with getting new trees established.

from OH

Puts water where it is needed!


The ArborRain Hydrator puts water into the ground over the root system while minimizing runoff. I used it around a newly planted weeping redbud during this summer's drought in SW Ohio. It worked exactly as advertised and the tree is in perfect health.

from TX



We are in the middle of a 100 year drought. The arbor rain has been a great tool to assist in the survival of our trees. We are under heavy water restriction so its use has been beneficial and a water saver.

from PA

ArborRain Hydrator


Like the amount of water it holds and how it is disbursed. Hose does slip out of the hole easily.

from TX

great for this drought!


I really like this hydration device, very simple and easy to use. You must level the ground first around the tree, we used mulch to do this. The only issue is a minor one hopefully, the tabs that keep the circle together connect with velcro, all the velcro has come unglued from the tabs, the Texas heat just melts the glue.

from MI

Like big size


Product worked as described. I had these on B&B trees and although they didn't drain totally on an uneven surface they were big enough to do the job. A litle tough to close the valve when full. Good price.

from OH

Do not buy this product


Water will always end up at the lowest spot and the dirt and mulch around almost all of my trees slopes slightly away from the trunk. The water in the bag ends up either at the low point or around the outside edge but the 2 tubes that let the water out are in the middle of the bag. Therefore, water sits in the bag but doesn't flow out the spouts. Unless your ground around the tree is PERFECTLY FLAT this product will be a waste of your money.

from CA

Watering a Redwood Tree


In our California native plant garden, we have a Redwood tree that in the past got little soaking water. With the ArborRain, it now gets adequate water at a slow rate.

from CA

Almost perfect solution to my needs


I walk with 2 canes and cannot touch my toes, let alone anything at ground level. I learned that my pomegranite trees might bear better if they had more water whenever they have bloomed. My idea was to hook up a couple of Arbor Rain "donuts" around the drip line. (I added a bit of citrus tree food for good measure.) My plan included attaching 10 foot length of hose to each then to a splitter with a quick connect to the hose. I devised a way to adapt the cover for the fill hole to thread in the hose end and proceeded. At the end of the season I should know if that does indeed fix my problem with having my pomegranite blossoms drop and fail to produce fruit.

from WA

Took a chance


I took a chance on the 32 Gal. ArborRain watering system because i needed something that I didn't need to monitor, and also freed my time around the yard. I have not been disappointed. The easy to use screw cap threads easily and the handle is securely fastened to the bag to resist tearing or coming off. Being a new user to this system, I did have to ensure that the inflating bag didn't press against the tree while filling; this is a minor issue that is easily overcome. Overall, very satisfied and will probably purchase some 19 Gal systems to easily rotate around the yard.

from AZ

Arbor Rain System


This is a great all around product for watering trees where irrigation systems are not present. I have my guys use these on newly planted trees. I think the only drawback on them is filling them with water. If there was a product that you could connect to your hose and then connect to the Arbor Rain bladder, I think it could expedite the process. Then it could be hands free.

from MD

Good product, good price.


The 32 gallon model holds enough water for a 1-2" tree and is much less obtrusive in the landscape than the tall green style. Drip valves can become clogged, but they are easily removed for cleaning. Screw cap is easier to use than the old plug types. As with any tree bag, monitoring to make sure the bag is emptying at an acceptable rate is a must to ensure trees get the water they need.

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