Leonard All Steel Nursery Spades

Tough spades designed for tough jobs!

Leonard All-Steel Nursery Spades feature a high-quality steel construction. Choose from either straight or D-grip orange powder-coated handles. We weld the handle directly to a tapered steel blade. These blades feature a flat back and a turned foot step. Available in either a 13-inch or a 15-inch long blades.We pre-drill holes into the foot step of these spades. These holes make it easy to attach one of our Rubber Foot Pads. Some models include a foot pad, see the grid below for details.Use Leonard All-Steel Nursery Spades for nearly any nursery or landscaping task. Choose the 13-inch blade for general use. The 15-inch blade provides extra reach when you need to dig deep. The flattened back prevents the buildup of soil. The turned foot step gives you a larger surface area which allows for increased control when digging.Leonard All-Steel Nursery Spades provide strength and durability without the added weight. This combination allows you tackle nearly any job with minimal fatigue. Dig into the toughest jobs with your Leonard All-Steel Spade knowing that we back this tool with our lifetime warranty!WARNING: All-steel shovels and spades should not be used in areas where underground electric lines, wires, or cables may be present.

Item # Handle Type Blade Length Footpad Blade Width Stock Status Price Qty
AM12L Straight 13 Inches No 7-3/8 Inches Tapering To 6-3/8 Inches In Stock $84.19
AM12 D-Grip 13 Inches No 7-3/8 Inches Tapering To 6-3/8 Inches Out of Stock
AM15L Straight 15 Inches No 7-3/8 Inches Tapering To 6 Inches Out of Stock
AM15 D-Grip 15 Iinches No 7-3/8 Inches Tapering To 6 Inches Out of Stock

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from TX

Landscape shovel


I wanted an unbreakable shovel with a handle that would last. Found it in this one. I knew it was tough when I picked it up and dug my first hole. Over the years I find I get enjoyment in quality long lasting items even if they cost more originally.

from KS

best digging tool for the long haul.


The squared blade and steel handle are a perfect combo for any digging.

from MD



This shovel is indestructible. Weight makes it the perfect choice for heavy clay sites.

from ID

S12 all steel blade


Sturdy and good for industrial use.

from KY

steel spade with d grip


we like this spade because it's all steel; it's light and just well made

from MD

Solid spade


good strength, my crews use the spades for everything including moving boulders, prying up concrete, cutting large roots, etc. They hold up well and are not too heavy when edging beds all day.

from NH

A workhorse


This spade was bought to do heavy digging of weed sod in garden beds at Canterbury Shaker Village. It does a marvelous job.

from IN

Nursery Spade


Great Sturdy spade that you can do some damage with.

from NC

Great Product


These shovels are awesome. I consider them as my secret weapon for digging quick, clean holes. And they last forever.

from PA

A.M.L. Nursery Spade


I purchased this as an alternative to the 15 wide model because it is slightly longer and I thought the more narrow blade would make it handier in tight spots. After using both alternatively, I have to say I prefer the 15. That being said, one of these spades is with me at all times. They are the most versatile tool in my arsenal because they are just so ... tough. I never leave home without it. These spades are expensive.... and worth every penny.

from IL

Fit for a king


I always used for decades the higher priced name brand steel spade. AM leonards spade stands up to everything I had the other one do with less edge were. Outstanding!

from VA



This line of spades is the best in my experience. Very strong, easy to handle. virtually indestructable and at a great price.

from RI

probably the best style


since the full strap classic spade that am leonard just reissued has that thin crappy handle that will bend brake when you are prying on it, this is probably the better spade they offer

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