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Leonard All-Steel Drain Spade with D-Grip Handle

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Product Information

Product Specs
  • Material: Steel alloy
  • Overall length (inches): 46
  • Overall weight (pounds): 6
  • Blade thickness (gauge): 12
  • Blade length (inches): 16
  • Blade width (inches): 6
  • Handle type: D-grip
  • Handle color: Orange
  • Handle length (inches): 30
Product Features
  • High-strength steel alloy spade
  • One-piece welded construction
  • Steep blade bevel
  • 12-gauge hardened steel blade
  • Low, 4-1/4-inch handle lift
  • Large turned steps
  • Large diameter handles
  • D-grip and straight handle options
Product Benefits
  • Steel alloy construction provides high strength without adding excessive weight
  • One-piece construction results in no connection areas which can fail over time
  • Steep blade bevel facilitates cutting through roots and stubborn soils
  • Pre-sharpened blade is ready to dig right out of the box
  • Low handle lift makes this tool ideal for both spading and trenching tasks
  • Large turned steps reduce fatigue and allow you to attach a Leonard Rubber Foot Pad
  • Our signature orange color keeps the tool visible on the job site making it less likely to get left behind
PFR Warranty
  • We cover this product with our lifetime warranty. Please click here for details.
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