Leonard All Poly Scoop Fork

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40% lighter than steel forks!

Leonard All-Poly Scoop Forks feature a lightweight yet durable poly construction. The 14-1/2 inch by 15 inch head features eight beveled, scoop-shaped tines. These spaces between the tines measures 1-3/8 inches.

A.M. Leonard equips these All-Poly Scoop Forks with a 30-inch long D-grip handle. A slip-resistant grip allows for a comfortable hold during long hours of work.

Use this durable and lightweight fork to handle your tough day-to-day work. Use it to move piles of mulch, compost, leaves, hay, or straw. The extended D-grip handle provides excellent balance control when scooping and transporting materials. The scoop-shaped tines allow you to pick up more material with each scoop. The tine spacing results in less spillage.

A.M. Leonard designed their All-Poly Scoop Forks for maximum efficiency. Their superior carrying capacity enables you to fill your wheelbarrow in just a few scoops! This tool was featured in numerous trade magazines including Total Landscape Care, Landscape Contractor, Green Profit, Lawn & Landscape, and American Nurseryman. A.M. Leonard makes this scoop right here in the USA and backs it with a lifetime warranty!

Product Information


  • Head is 14-1/2 in x 15 in
  • Handle is 30 in
  • Overall Length is 44-1/2 in
  • Weighs 4 lbs

Product Features

  • The fork has a deep scoop shape to hold large loads
  • The all-poly scoop is very rigid, handles loads very well, yet is lightweight
  • Has a fiberglass rod reinforcing the neck and handle

Product Benefits

  • Beveled and scoop-shaped tines increase load capacity
  • Efficiently-spaced tines minimize spillage
  • Great for moving piles of mulch, compost, leaves, hay, or straw
  • Extended D-grip handle maximizes comfort and balance control


A.M. Leonard, Inc. warrants all its tools identified with the "A.M. Leonard Lifetime Warranty" to be free from material defects for the life of the tool.

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from MD

Another Great Use for this Tool!


This great tool is the perfect thing to use to break snow off of bushes and saplings. It knocks the snow off without damaging the branches. And it is light so there is less chance of breaking limbs.

from AL

Poly Scoop Fork


Purchased as an alternative to the steel tine fork I had used for years. The Poly Scoop Fork is really light weight, but scoops much more mulch than my steel tine scoop. It saves me time and is much easier to use. I've been very pleased and would highly recommend to anyone that moves a lot of mulch!

from MN

poly mulch fork


perfect for moving mulch-light weight,tapered tines,sturdy handle

from AR

Works great


Appealing design, weight, functionality and guarantee. has sufficiently meet all of my needs so far in first year of use - mulch, leaf piles. Not made for fine material management.

from PA

Best for very light material


I bought this to use with a 3-bin compost setup in our garden and found it works best with dry, very light material. Wet saw dust, leaves, grass clippings,etc. cause the tines to bend rather than dig in making it awkward to use. Also, it fades fairly quickly if left outside which I hope is only cosmetic and doesn't effect the plastic.

from IL

Solid strong tool for most landscaping chores!


Excellent fork for working with compost, mulch and soil. Built solid and strong and no need to store inside because it will NEVER RUST!

from MI

Great Scoop Fork


This Fork was great for mulch! We have already used ours many times and we just got it a few weeks ago. It also works like a rake in a pinch. Great product

from NY

pitchfork for compost pile


I bought it because my wife has occasional back issues and I thought the light weight fork would be easier to handle without giving up any capacity. So far so good.

from PA

Quality and Useful Fork


I bought this fork mainly for use in fall leaf cleanup, but it can be used in many ways. It's very well built and sturdy, with a good tine spacing to clean up coarse material. Tines are thick, strong, don't puncture and collect many leaves, and they are actually aligned horizontally, so none are higher or lower than the others and won't dig into the ground or make 'skippers'. The handle is nice-sized to fit your hands. It's cupped shape and width allow picking up more volume/load. It is heavier than I expected, tho' not excessively, but the weight actually allows you to drag the tines vertically over the ground, so as to 'rake', and the fork doesn't bounce. The main disadvantage of this fork is cost; it's alot of money to 'fork over' (pun intended) for what it is, but if you do buy one, you'll be glad you did. It beats a standard pitchfork or ensilage fork.

from PA



We have used our Poly Scoop Fork and love it. We use it for mulching plant material. It is easy to use because it is so light weight. We like that it is weather proof as well.

from CA

A good product


We just put your new Poly Scoop Fork to the test in our compost pile and it came out with flying colors (orange). We were concerned that the fork would be too light, but the sharp tongs allow easy access to compost materials, and its light weight allows for less exertion. The fork is strong so we have had no problems in using it in heavy lifting situations.

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