Leonard All Poly Scoop Fork



Item # APF800-CHG
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40% lighter than steel forks!

Leonard All-Poly Scoop Forks feature a lightweight yet durable poly construction. The 14-1/2 inch by 15 inch head features eight beveled, scoop-shaped tines. These spaces between the tines measures 1-3/8 inches.A.M. Leonard equips these All-Poly Scoop Forks with a 30-inch long D-grip handle. A slip-resistant grip allows for a comfortable hold during long hours of work.Use this durable and lightweight fork to handle your tough day-to-day work. Use it to move piles of mulch, compost, leaves, hay, or straw. The extended D-grip handle provides excellent balance control when scooping and transporting materials. The scoop-shaped tines allow you to pick up more material with each scoop. The tine spacing results in less spillage.A.M. Leonard designed their All-Poly Scoop Forks for maximum efficiency. Their superior carrying capacity enables you to fill your wheelbarrow in just a few scoops! This tool was featured in numerous trade magazines including Total Landscape Care, Landscape Contractor, Green Profit, Lawn & Landscape, and American Nurseryman. A.M. Leonard makes this scoop right here in the USA and backs it with a lifetime warranty!