Leonard 50 lb Lawn Fertilizer Broadcast Spreader



Item # AM50P
Ship Weight 15.60 lbs
Stock Status In Stock

The perfect size for light commercial and homeowner users that demand the best in an affordable spreader.

This model has an updated, poly/steel frame for increased corrosion resistance to salts and fertilizers. Basic but tough. Leonard's 50 lb spreader is great for smaller applications. Features a single port hopper made of strong Polyethylene with agitation wire at base for complete dispersal of materials. Dial-type rate adjustment. 6ft - 10ft spread width. 10-inch diameter pneumatic tires. Hopper cover included. Ship wt 16 lb.

Product Information


  • 50 lb. capacity polyethylene hopper (This is the weight capacity of the hopper and frame, not the volume. You may not be able to fit in 50 lbs. of a lightweight product, such as grass seed.)
  • 10" diameter pneumatic tires
  • .75 cubic foot hopper
  • 22" overall width

Product Features

  • 6-10' spread pattern
  • Spring loaded on/off control
  • Epoxy powder coated steel frame
  • Single rectangular port in the hopper with adjustable opening and agitation wire
  • Fully enclosed, heavy-duty gears made of self-lubricating Nylatron GS

Product Benefits

  • For winter use, this is good for ice melt and bagged rock salt (but not bulk rock salt)


This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's full one year warranty against manufacturer defects for products when used under normal conditions.

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from MI

Worth the cost!


You know you have purchased way too many of those junky little plastic spreaders. Just order this and be done. I worked for a lawn care company growing up and have broadcast spread fertilized hundreds of lawns. This spreader has the required large and wide spread wheels--not plastic, real. It has a long handle for more comfort and push leverage. It has a metal rather than cable open and close lever. I opted for the side shield and rarely need the rain cover but it is a sign of a pro-quality spreader. I'm not sure if there is a design reason but the delivery door is on the sidewall which results in some product being left at the very bottom as it can not fall up. This may be an intentional engineering choice to limit clogging but it also may be an achilles heel, I can't say for sure. My pleasure and quality of application is certainly optimized since finding this product. Other similar items have been available but at ridiculous overpriced amounts ($600) or units that look like a pro quality model but are really not very good. This model is the real deal.

from VA

Very nice spreader.


It was delivered today and with the easy to understand instruction I had it together in no time and tried it by putting down a layer of Grub X around the parameter of my yard next to the woods. This spreader laid an even amount and began dispensing immediately, not like the one it replaced where I had to rock it several times before it would dispense. Love the dial setting verses the handle lever on my old one which caused the setting to increase even with the set screw turned as tight as possible. I am looking forward to spring lawn fertilizing and seeding. Only complaint I have is the bolt closest to the T-handle needs to be longer if one tries to use the two washers as stated in the instructions. In order to get the nut on I had to omit one washer.

from NH

Great Spreader


I've been very happy with the spreader. For this price range, it's much nicer than what I found at the big box stores. I also like that the User Manual was easily found on the website. (I misplaced mine and needed to check a setting.)

from MA



This spreader has been a let down from day one. The plastic gears are a horrible design. When full of fertilizer(or any other material) the gears just grind and will not spin. The hopper can only have about two pounds of material in it to work. I called to see what I could do to fix it or return and was told they will get back to me. That never happened. I would stay away from this unit.

Gardeners Edge responds: Our customer service department has contacted the customer to resolve this issue.

from VA

It Works!


I have had many brands and styles over the years, but none have lasted or worked properly. This one is off to a great start. So far - no complaints.

from ND

Best spreader I ever used!


I just got my new A.M. Leonard spreader the other day and found it fairly easy to assemble. Today was the first time that I got to use it and I found it VERY nice to use. The metering dial was easy to set and it worked very nice. It metered out and applied everything just right. Best spreader I ever used!

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