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Leonard 5-1/2-Pound Dead Blow Hammer

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Leonard Dead Blow Hammers outlast the competition by thousands of strikes!

We make Leonard Dead Blow Hammers using hot-cast polyurethane. Unlike cheap plastic models, the faces of our hammers are convex. We also increased the amount of material around the faces. This model measures 20 inches in length and weighs 5-1/2 pounds.

Leonard Dead Blow Hammers feature a single-piece heat-treated steel interior. The steel canister inside the head contains steel shot. This free-flowing shot creates a dead blow effect when the hammer strikes a surface. The steel interior extends into the handle, increasing its overall strength. We equip the handle with a slip-resistant grip.

Our Dead Blow Hammers increase your striking force by up to 40%. The dead blow effect nearly eliminates rebound, reducing user fatigue. The non-sparking, non-marring polyurethane jacket minimizes damage to the striking surface. The poly material resists damage caused by certain chemicals. Their single-piece steel interior acts as a skeleton to provide overstrike protection.

Leonard Dead Blow Hammers outlast other rubber and plastic hammers by thousands of strikes. Their convex striking faces resist cracking, chipping, and splitting. The steel-reinforced handle withstands even the most severe blows. These features combine to make these hammers effective and virtually unbreakable. We make them in the USA and back them with a one-year warranty!

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Weight (pounds): 5-1/2
  • Overall length (inches): 20
  • Head length (inches): 7
  • Strike face diameter (inches): 2-3/4
  • Handle length (inches): 16-1/2
Product Warranty Information

  • This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's exclusive Lifetime Warranty Program. Click Here for more Details.
Product Features
  • Hot cast polyurethane construction
  • Convex strike faces with increased material
  • Single-piece heat-treated steel interior
  • Slip-resistant grip
  • Made in the USA!
Product Benefits
  • Increase your striking force by up to 40%
  • Eliminates rebound, reducing user fatigue
  • Non-sparking, non-marring material minimizes damage to surfaces
  • Resists chemical damage and corrosion
  • Single-piece steel interior provides overstrike protection
  • Convex surface resists cracking, chipping, and splitting
  • Virtually unbreakable construction
Product Shipping Weight
  • 5.5 pounds
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a dead blow hammer and how does it work?
A dead blow hammer, like the Leonard Dead Blow Hammer, is a type of hammer that is designed with a head filled with steel shot. The steel shot creates a dead blow effect, which nearly eliminates rebound, reducing user fatigue. When the hammer strikes a surface, the steel shot inside the canister moves and hits the surface, creating a shock-absorbing effect. This type of hammer is ideal for use in delicate or precision work and is less likely to leave damage or marks on the surface due to its non-sparking and non-marring features.

What is hot cast polyurethane, and why is it used to make dead blow hammers?
Hot cast polyurethane is a type of hard plastic that is created by mixing two chemicals together and pouring the resulting liquid into a mold. This method creates a material that is much stronger and more durable than other plastics. It is used to make dead blow hammers because it is resistant to wear and tear as well as chemical damage. The polyurethane material also helps to absorb shock and prevent damage to sensitive surfaces.

What makes Leonard Dead Blow Hammers different from other dead blow hammers on the market?
Leonard Dead Blow Hammers are made using high-quality materials and a unique design that sets them apart from other dead blow hammers. Their hot cast polyurethane construction is more durable and long-lasting than other plastic or rubber hammers on the market. They also feature convex strike faces with increased material, which helps to resist cracking, chipping, and splitting. The single-piece, heat-treated steel interior provides overstrike protection and ultimate strength. Finally, the slip-resistant grip and non-sparking, non-marring material make these hammers easy to use and ideal for precision work.

What are the benefits of using a dead blow hammer for gardening and landscaping?
A dead blow hammer, like the Leonard Dead Blow Hammer, can be useful for various gardening and landscaping tasks. They are ideal for tasks such as driving stakes or rebar into the ground without damaging them, removing stubborn stones, breaking apart concrete, and installing hardscaping features. Dead blow hammers can also be useful in pruning tasks, such as cutting thick branches or trunks, by providing an extra force when making cuts.

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