Leonard 4-Wheel Hose Reel Wagon, 300 ft Hose Capacity

Everything you need in a hose wagon!

Leonard 4-Wheel Hose Wagons feature a sturdy powder-coated steel frame. Each wagon holds up to 300 feet of 5/8-inch hose and connects to your faucet via an extra-long 8-foot inlet hose. A swivel crank handle makes it easy to wind and unwind your desired length of hose.

A.M. Leonard outfits their 4-Wheel Hose Wagons with brass and galvanized plumbing. Each wagon also features galvanized metal rims, a wire basket, and a built-in nozzle hanging notch. Choose from either pneumatic or flat-free tires below.

A 300-foot hose is heavy, so let the Leonard 4-Wheel Hose Wagon carry the weight! The convenient wire basket holds any watering accessories to keep your hands free to water. When you need to take a break, the built-in nozzle hanging notch keeps your hose within reach.

A.M. Leonard designs their tools to be a step up from the competition. These 4-Wheel Hose Wagons are no exception. The powder-coated steel frame and the brass and galvanized plumbing resist rust and corrosion. These features maximize the service life of the wagon. A.M. Leonard backs these products with their lifetime warranty!

Some assembly required.

Item # Tires Stock Status Price Qty
FHW300 Flat Free In Stock $223.63
HW300 Pneumatic In Stock $220.84

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from WI

Hose Reels


Appear to be of very good quality. I like the fact that the hose attachment swivel can be repaired in the future. This will be an excellent replacement for the one I have now. The only down side to the assembly was the amount of powder coat paint in the threads on the hose drum stub shaft.

from OH

3 months old and rusting already?


Lifetime warranty except for rust, and it won't last 2 years the way it's rusting. Should have bought a CHEAP one at K-mart. Buyer beware!

from AZ

Better than expected!


Don't be dissuaded from buying this hose reel due to reviews of similar looking reels from other retailers. This one is well built, rolls smoothly, doesn't leak a drop even under static pressure, and is easy to assemble. With the flat-free tires, it is solid. Add the heavy duty quick connects and you'll have a perfect setup.

from MA

Quality Review


Am an established customer. Bought the hose cart, put into service in April. Now June and the cart is showing signs of rusting out - definitely not a quality product. Also, this cart was not cheap!

from PA

well made - good value - needs a brake!


good cart, well made, good value, needs a brake

from TX

Repeat Buyer


I purchased this item previously which withstood over 10 years of abuse and held up admirably. I was pleasantly suprised that the new model has even better construction and has been improved. I would highly recommend this hose wagon for anyone who uses water hoses frequently. Despite the initial outlay it is very economical in the long run.

from WA

It just worked, good construction


I'm semi-disabled and this is my favorite pull along from my JD mower. I have the watering down to a science and able to spend more time on the deck drinking beer with the neighbors.

from OH



...the feeder hose connection can be unscrewed and just put another layer of teflon tape on it, remove the old, which was jamming the threaded connection without making a seal. This is a great item, even if it lasted 4 years. It gets the hose out of the way, not in a huge tangled up coil laying somewhere, and the metal handle means breaking is impossible. Assembly is fast and well written...why do big box stores not carry this item. This item holds together.

from CT

good hose wagon


This hose wagon is well made, easy to put together, and convenient. I have been using for 2 months now and am still happy with it. It makes moving the hose around and storing it a pleasure. The valve that connects the wagon with the feeder hose tends to leak, but I notice that with many hose accessories.

from MD

Great for our new Floors


We saw the cart in your catalog and though it would be perfect for the new floors we just had installed at the fire house. It holds enough hose to wash the entire apparatus floors and go around the equipment to clean them also. Doesn't scratch the floor and moves easyly. Would high recommend really sturdy

from NY

What took me so long to buy one of these Leonard hose wagons?


The only draw-back of this hose reel is---it doesn't rewind itself. It is great in all other aspects.

from VA

Very Well Built Hose Reel


I purchased the Hose Wagon after previously having several plastic hose reels. They didn't last, and ALWAYS leaked. This Hose Reel is very well built, sturdy and brass fittings do not leak. It assembles easily and moves very freely on the air tires. The two things I would like to see added to this hose wagon are: (1) an adjustable "drag" or brake on the reel to help with "free wheeling" when you play out the hose. (2) a braking system on the wheels so that if when you are reeling in the hose the unit does not move back an forth on the "supply hose". Overall, this hose wagon is at the usual high quality of all [your] products I have purchased.

from OK

hose reel


It's well built and was very easy to put together. It has worked out great for our business and we will probably get a few more.

from MI



This is my second hose reel I have ordered. Great reel well built.

from NJ

Great, Well-Built Product


This hose reel cart makes it so easy to use the hose. Reeling it in is so much easier compared to other carts I've used. This is the second one that I've bought.

from AZ

Great product


I previously purchased a similar looking product that was cheaply made. I bought this hose wagon because of it being powder coated, the center of the reel being solid and the full side to side axles. My wife no longer has to struggle to roll up our 100' hose.

from CA

Quality appears much better...


than the previous model it replaced. Wetted, moving parts are brass rather than steel and are clearly of good design. Provided hose is very heavy duty and will last a long time. Overall, and as far as I can tell, this is the best unit available on the market at its capacity rating

from CA

Great hose storage so far


I've had this hose wagon for about 4 months and so far, it has been great. No leaks anywhere and it stores a lomg length of hose you can cart around. I find the utility basket very useful. It happens to be the same color as the stucco of my house which is a nice plus. I live 2 miles from the ocean and no rust yet. So all in all, very good. It was also easy to assemble.

from NJ

Hose Reel


The hose reel is sturdy and well consructed. Easy to assemble.

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