Leonard 4-Inch Stirrup Hoe



Item # AS400
Ship Weight 2.40 lbs
Stock Status In Stock

Slices through all types of soil and weeds!

Leonard Stirrup Hoes are perfect for gardeners and landscapers. These hoes slice through all types of soil and weeds quickly and precisely. They cut through weeds just below the surface, which knocks them down with minimal effort. This Leonard Stirrup Hoe features a 4-inch wide machine-sharpened spring steel blade. An oscillating steel blade fixture allows it to cut on both the push and pull motion. We finish off this tool with a 60-inch long, 1-1/16-inch diameter American Ash handle. We design these tools to be lightweight yet incredibly durable. We make them right here in the USA and back it with our lifetime warranty! Some assembly required. Note: The blades of these tools are a cultivating tool and will wear depending on soil type and frequency of use. Occasional blade replacement may be necessary.

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