Leonard 4-Inch Hoop Hoe



Item # AH400
Ship Weight 2.10 lbs
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Cuts through the toughest soils!

The Leonard 4-inch Hoop Hoe is designed to cut through the toughest soils while protecting any surrounding plants. A machine-sharpened edge slices through soil while the dull sides of the hoop direct the blade away from root masses. This makes the Leonard Hoop Hoe great for maintaining a weed-free growing environment or landscape. It's ideal for weeding between row crops. The heavy-duty welded-steel tool head makes a great cultivator, breaks up tough soil, and can even be used to dig. The high-quality welded steel tool head is equipped with a 60-inch American Ash handle that allows the user to work in a comfortable standing position. The sharpened area along the bottom edge of the hoop hoe measures about 2-3/4-inch wide. The 4-inch diameter hoop extends past the sharpened width. The dull sides of this hoop deflects off of important roots and protects the plants. The carbon steel hoop maintains a sharp edge and can be easily sharpened. Weighing just over 2 pounds, this lightweight tool is extremely effective and efficient for maintaining crop, gardens, and landscapes.

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