Lawn Bagg Heavy Duty Lawn Tarps

Heavy duty lawn tarp holds up to the toughest cleanup jobs.

If you can humanly lift it, the Lawn Bag Tarp can hold it. Will not tear or shred like traditional tarps. Handles are sewn in each of the four corners making hauling easy for one or two person jobs. Water resistant and mildew proof, the Lawn Tarp will not rot. Available in single or double layer bottom.

Item # Bottom Size Stock Status Price Qty
LT11001 Single 10 Feet x 12 Feet In Stock $61.95
LT810 Single 8 Feet x 10 Feet In Stock $43.68
LT810DB Double 8 Feet x 10 Feet In Stock $52.67
LT1012DB Double 10 Feet x 12 Feet In Stock $69.79

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from RI



Just got my tarp yesterday and could not wait to try it out. Very disappointed. I have acres of leaves which I hoped to move quickly. This tarp is indeed large but as stiff as cardboard. It is very difficult to gather all 4 handles when it is full, it really needs a handle in the middle of each long side as well as at the corners. It is also impossible to unfurl when I get to the leaf compost. And, lastly, the wind catches the sides when it lays flat, necessitating a rock at each corner. I will go back to my king size low thread count (and not too expensive) flat sheet from Walmart, I am sorry to say. For the extravagant price, I expected more. Save your money.

from MI

We love the lawn tarp!


We needed to pull our deadheaded debris from the garden beds to the truck or gator. This tarp holds it all and with the handles it makes grabbing and pulling it a much easier task. Thanks for a great product!

from VA

helped us with our leaves!!!


Tried a couple other tarp solutions and this proved to be, by far, the best option!!

from MD

Very durable tarp


Can take lots more abuse than any other tarp we have previously used.

from DE

Best tarp ever


I have been using tarps for years to move the leaves from my lawn. In the past I have bought the "cheap" blue tarps used to cover things. They worked OK but they are thin and after dragging them over the lawn and driveway for a while they begin to get rips, tears and holes in them. When I came across this tarp I knew I had to try it. I was not disappointed. It is very well made with a thicker material that looks like it will last for years. I love the handles on the corners. You can loop the handles together to keep the tarp from opening as you pull it. The tarp holds quite a load of yard waste making clean up faster. Great value.

from WI

Good Tarp


Love this tarp and will buy more. Handles are great, heavy duty tarp has lasted at least 5 times longer than any I've purchased and still going strong. Would be nice to have smaller size but would buy another anyway.

from WI

multi purpose tarp


This is a great tarp for soil brush or leaves. I was tired of the short lived regular tarps, and this one seems to be holding up much better.

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