New! Ladybug Beetles

Fight nature with nature!

Ladybugs prey on numerous species of plant-eating insects. Use this to your advantage by releasing them into your garden! Utilizing beneficial insects is a safe alternative to spraying chemicals onto your plants. Release these ladybugs at sundown. Since they do not fly at night, they begin to eat many types of pests, including:
  • Aphids
  • Mealy bugs
  • Scale
  • Leafhoppers
  • Various plant eating worms
  • Other destructive, soft-bodied insects
Ladybugs keep eating until there are no bad bugs left. They lay their own eggs in the process. When new pests arrive, they will meet a fresh batch of ladybugs!

These insects ship directly from the supplier. This product can only be shipped ground to customers in OR, NM, Northern WA, and Southern CA. This product ships 2nd day air to all other addresses to best ensure survival of the insects.

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