Kids 4-Piece Long-Handled Garden Tool Set



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A great way to get kids involved in outdoor fun!

Forget those cheap, flimsy toy-like gardening tools you can find at the local big box store. These real gardening tools are sized just right for your little helpers, and made with the same high quality components as adult-sized tools. They're tough enough that you might even find yourself borrowing the kids' tools for working in a raised bed or in tight spaces. Kids will enjoy learning how to take care of the lawn and garden without the frustration of trying to use tools that are too big for them to properly handle. Get them started on the path to becoming great gardeners, and leave them with fun memories of working alongside their parents or grandparents in the garden!Set includes:Leaf Rake: Works well for collecting leaves and other garden debris. 42-inch hardwood handle for strength and durability. Ribbed construction provides additional rigidity and strength. 17.75-inch head, 55.75-inch total length.Garden Rake: Ideal for spreading mulch, leveling soil and collecting leaves and debris. 42-inch durable hardwood handle. Steel ferrule for stronger blade and handle connection. 6.75-inch steel head, 43.25-inch total length.Round Point Shovel: Tempered, carbon steel blade with forward turned-step for secure foot placement. 36-inch hardwood handle. 8.5-inch wide blade, 44-inch total length.Garden Hoe: Use to loosen soil and remove weeds. 4.5-inch x 3-inch steel head. 42-inch hardwood handle. Steel ferrule for strong blade and handle connection. 44.5-inch total length.

Product Information


  • Leaf rake has a 42 in handle and is 55 & 3/4 in long overall. Rake head is 17 & 3/4 in long
  • Garden rake has a 42 in handle and is 43 & 1/4 in long overall. Rake head is 6 & 3/4 in wide
  • Shovel has a 36 in handle and is 44 in long overall. Shovel head is 8 & 1/2 in wide
  • Garden hoe has a 42 in handle and is 44 & 1/2 in long overall. Head is 4 & 1/2 in x 3 in

Product Features

  • High quality tools will outlast the cheaper versions at the discount stores

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from NJ

need tools not toys


These are the right size for most 3 to 6 year olds. Those with metal handles are a bit heavy. Wood handles seem easier for kiddos to use. Would be helpful not to have the working end of the tool painted. They look good but this paint prevents sharpening the hoe for example. Perhaps the makers have never actually used a hoe so do not know how much better it is to have a sharp one. Same for the shovels, etc. Younger kids may enjoy plastic tools which look like real tools but even 3 to 6 year olds actually want to really garden. Pretend in sand perhaps but not real gardening in soil.