Kick-Type Sod Cutter, 12-inch Blade



Item # SOD1
Ship Weight 20.65 lbs
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A rugged kick-type sod cutter that really moves—cuts up to 30-feet of sod in 40 seconds!

Cuts uniform 12-inch strips quickly and smoothly. Nylon bearings, one piece welded frame and varnished hardwood handles. Blade is heat-treated and fully adjustable.

Product Information


Kick-type sod cutter, cuts up to 30' of 12" strips of sod in 40 seconds.

Product Features

Cutting depth is set at 2 and 1/4 inches but can be set deeper by loosening the metal straps and dropping the blade. To go more shallow, just hold the handles up higher as you operate it. Made in the USA!


10 year manufacturer warranty on the frame

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