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Grow a garden almost any time you want and protect your plants from the elements!

Nearly 5 feet long, this Juwel Cold Frame gives you ample space for growing! Imagine harvesting fresh lettuce, spinach, radishes, green onions and other vegetables from your own garden early this Spring. In fact, you could have a fresh homegrown salad by the time the frost has passed. It's possible, if you grow your own vegetables in a cold frame.

Juwel cold frames are weather resistant with polycarbonate double skin panes and sturdy weather-resistant aluminum frames. They are UV-resistant, and have a 10 year guarantee against yellowing of the panes. Choose from oversized and standard sizes, each unit will accommodate add on tensions.Three windows, two adjustable wind-proof ventilators per window, 8mm thick. Dimensions: 59in x 31.5in x 19.68in.

Now includes one automatic ventilator! The automatic ventilator helps maintain your plants' optimal temperature automatically. In warm weather it opens the window and closes it again as soon as it turns cold. No worries about burning your tender plants!

Product Information


Ten-year UV resistant polycarbonate panels. Overall dimensions are 59"L x 31.50"W x 19.68"H

Product Features

  • Now comes with a JAO (automatic opener) for automatic aeration depending on temperature
  • "No drip" coating prevents condensation on plants
  • 3 windows with wind safeguard—detachable and adjustable
  • User-friendly due to rounded plastic corner parts
  • 8 mm thermo-double skin panes ( 10 year UV-guarantee)
  • Warranty

    Manufacturer supplies a one year warranty under normal use.

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    Overall Rating: 5/5

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    from ME

    Excellent protection even when very cold


    I was amazed to find good-looking carrots, corn salad, and Swiss chard doing just fine even after a below-zero cold snap. Snow cover probably helped. I bought the large version, and was pleasantly surprised that I have been able to move it by myself (I'm 5'2" so don't have a lot of leverage). It would be nice if the automatic lid lifter had some markings reminding me which way to twist it if I want it to lift at a higher or lower temperature. I can never remember.

    from WI

    Great addition to this gardener's battle against long northern Wisconsin winters


    This cold frame exceeded expectations. Assembly of the frame itself was very straight forward. Mounting the automatic opener was a bit of a challenge for this mechanically challenged gardener. But, a fourth and fifth reading of the directions (and a bit of patience) solved the problem. I've been harvesting lettuce, arugula, and baby Pak Choi of very high quality. I am delighted with this purchase. Moreover, I encourage you to offer a larger size that would more closely fit within the confines of a 4' X 8' raised bed. I already have an older and much heavier cold frame that has been a stand-by in my efforts to beat our short growing season. However, as my wife and I get on in years, it is becoming unwieldy. A lighter version of your current design would be ideal and greatly appreciated.

    from CA

    Juwel Oversized Cold Frame


    I put together a Juwel Oversized Cold Frame with the Extender Package as well as two automatic hydraulic arms to open the top panels in warm conditions. It was a very high quality product and was straightforward to put together. It has worked perfectly, although I did have to secure it to the ground to keep it from moving around in high winds. That was not particularly difficult to do, although the stakes that came with the product were not sufficient by themselves to adequately secure it.

    from NC

    A great way to start your season early!


    I used my cold frames in early spring for starting Brussels sprouts, tomatoes and broccoli. A friend asked me to start some flowers for her too. Wonderful jump start to the season. I used them two ways -- first I planted seeds in pots in the cold frames and the second I planted seeds directly into the ground. Taking the cold frames apart and storing them are very easy. I just ordered two more to start my fall planting!

    from MD

    Cold Frame


    I used this product to protect my Bonsai trees last winter and it worked great. Fairly easy to assemble, and stronger than it looks, withstood several snow storms etc. I mounted it on top of landscape timbers to increase the hieght.

    from WA

    A great addition to my garden!


    I bought the oversized Juwel coldframe in hopes of pushing the growing season further into our colder months. Unfortunately it was backordered until almost Thanksgiving, so it didn't get assembled and ready to go until early spring. I used it to shelter seedlings before they were ready to be planted and also grew beautiful lettuce in it until about August. It is now planted up with winter hardy lettuce varieties and I'm anxious to see how late I can continue to enjoy my homegrown salads. The assembly was fairly easy once I understood the directions. I really like the way it easily disassembles so I can move it to a different section of the garden when needed. When my fenced garden became too full this summer, I moved the coldframe to a bed outside the fence. The lids worked perfectly to keep the browsing deer and rabbits out of my lettuce. Would highly recommend this particular unit to anyone considering the purchase of a coldframe.

    from CA

    Not sturdy


    For the price I expected something a lot more sturdy and nothing fits together very well. I have fairly mild winters so it will do for me but I would not recommend this product for people in colder climates.

    from KS

    Great Addition To Our Garden


    A fun and useful coldframe for the home gardener. Needs to be secured from any wind damage. Mine has survived the winds of Kansas.

    from IN

    A Great Cold Frame


    I love it! The cold frame held up to wind and rain this spring without any problems. It was easy to clean when it was time to store it for the summer. I'm planning to put it back up in October and plant lettuce. Other than being a little difficult to initially figure out the assembly, it went together well.

    from WA

    Best Price, Well-Made


    I bought this to grow cold-weather veggies over the winter and will be trying that this year. I think that using matte-black sprayed plastic bottles inside (filled with water) will act as a heat sink too. This was relatively easy to assemble. And it is easy to move as long as you keep track of the little rods.

    from NC



    The cold frame provided us with lettuce, carrots, onions and spinach most of last winter. We have again planted it with cabbage, carrots, spinach and lettuces this fall for this year's winter use. I love the automatic opening tops, but hate having to hand water. It would be nice if somehow drip irrigation could be incorporated into the system.

    from IN

    The perfect cold frame.


    This is the second Juwel cold frame I have purchased. My first is about 3 years old and looks like new. The metal is heavy gauge aluminum and it is for the most part pre-assembled. One need only attach the sides and you're ready to grow. These really extend the growing season. Depending on the weather, I have had salads on Christmas day and early spring salads in February. Pricey but excellent quality.

    from ME

    Jewel Oversized Cold Frame


    My husband and I were thrilled to set this cold frame up. It is made of quality materials and goes together precisely as made...nothing is cheap about it and great manufacturing. I already have lettuce and cabbage growing madly and I've only had it 3 weeks. I plan on using it all winter.

    from IN

    Excellent well built cold frame.


    The cold frame is pricey but worth it. I've had one for 5 years and just got a second. Top notch Austrian construction. I consistently get a 2 month head start in the spring and it is not unusual to have a salad from it at Christmas. Greens do well until temperatures reach below zero.

    from MI

    Middle School Science


    I bought this to show my students you can grow things thought he winter in Michigan. You will still need to insulate the frame. We did not and everything dies becuase it got to cold. You can insulate with straw or a blanket. Can't wait to try that next winter. Product was put together by 6th, 7th and 8th graders. It took them three class periods. Great lesson in following directions to produce a product. They were so proud when they got it together. Can't wait for it to warm up just a little so I can plant again inside and start plants for our gardens.

    from NY

    Maybe it's just me...


    My first, smaller Juwell cold frame was great and is still hanging in there, although after a dozen years of year-round use the plastic is definitely yellowing. This one is just as solidly built and a wonderful size, great for large seedlings and growing crops early and late season, but I have found my particular one quite frustrating. This may be because it arrived a little mangled in shipping. I had some back-and-forth with customer service, which ultimately did send me replacement parts for some that had obviously gotten warped. However, the thing still is so tight that the automatic opener won't work (I think it essentially wrecked two cylinders because of this), and just opening and closing it properly (without gaps) is difficult by hand, too. Compared to the ease of putting the cold frame itself together, installing the opener is maddening(WHY can't they pre-drill the holes?).

    Gardeners Edge responds: Manufacturer now using stronger packaging to limit transport damage.

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