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Just Scensational Scentry Stones


Keep pests away the humane way!

Just Scentsational infuses its Scentry Stones with an organic predator scent. This smell wards off many unwanted pests, including mice, deer, groundhogs, rabbits, and numerous rodent species. Choose your desired stone type above.

Use Scentry Stones to protect your crops, coops, beds, and flowers from destructive wildlife. To use, place the stone in the area you wish to protect. The scent will diffuse and passively ward off pests. Once the scent dissipates, which takes a few months, recharge it using Bare Grounds Coyote Scent!

Just Scentsational designs its Scentry Stones as a humane and environmentally friendly option for pest control. The all-natural odor will not harm pets, plants, or wildlife.


Product Specs

  • Pests controlled: Mice, deer, groundhogs, rabbits, weasels, gophers, foxes, skunks, and many other small rodents
  • Stone color: Varies

Product Features

  • Absorbent stone infused with predator odor
  • Organic scent
  • Humane and environmentally friendly
  • Convenient packaging
  • Rechargeable

Product Benefits

  • Passively protects your property from destructive wildlife
  • Great for crops, coops, beds, and flowers
  • Incredibly simple to use – just place it and it starts working
  • All-natural product will not harm pets, plants, or other wildlife
  • Easy to recharge using Bare Grounds Coyote Scent


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