Jump Start Grow Lighting System, 2ft



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The Jump Start Light is perfect for growing seedlings, cuttings, flowers, and houseplants in any room. The window blind type draw cord adjusts fixture height, allowing you to easily raise and lower the fluorescent bulb as your plants grow. Comes either 2' wide, which fits 1 standard flat; or 4' wide, which fits 2 standard flats. Both are 22" tall. Sturdy steel frame, easy assembly and convenient 6' grounded power cord. GTL2 System includes one T5 fluorescent full daylight spectrum tube in a two-foot long UL listed fixture. Use for seedlings or plants that only require low-intensity light.

Product Information


  • 24 watts
  • 2-foot fluorescent full daylight spectrum bulb
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Frame dimensions are 11 and 1/2" tall x 29 and 3/4" long x 4" wide

Product Benefits

Great for seedling, cuttings and plants. Great under counters or on benches.



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