Jiffy Peat & Coir Pellets, 1,000 Count



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Expands seven times the original size!

Jiffy makes these compressed discs using a 60/40 mixture of white sphagnum peat moss and treated coir pith. When dry, each pellet weighs around 8 grams and measures 44 millimeters by 42 millimeters. By add water, the pellet expands into a full 1-3/4-inch diameter, 2-inch deep growing medium. Jiffy encases each disc in plastic netting to keep it together. The case contains 1,000 discs.

Jiffy Peat & Coir Pellets makes a great growing medium. Their expanded size is ideal for sowing or transplanting into pots. The peat and coir mix allows for fast and reliable germination. This process results in healthy plants with robust root systems.

Product Information


  • Pellets per case: 1,000
  • Pellet material: White sphagnum peat moss (60%) and treated coir pith (40%)
  • Netting material: Polypropylene
  • Dry pellet diameter (millimeters): 44
  • Dry pellet depth (millimeters): 42
  • Dry pellet weight (grams): 8-1/3
  • Saturated pellet diameter (inches): 1-3/4
  • Saturated pellet depth (inches): 2
  • Saturated pellet weight (grams): 60
  • Electrical conductivity (millisiemens) 1.25 ( 0.25)
  • pH: 5.5 ( 0.5)

Product Features

  • Compressed growing medium
  • Contains a mixture of sphagnum and coir
  • Plastic containment netting

Product Benefits

  • Expands up to seven times its original size
  • When wet, each disc is the perfect size for sowing or transplanting into pots
  • Allows for fast and reliable germination, resulting in healthy plants with robust root systems
  • A lightweight alternative to heavy bags of fertilizer

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