HyR BRIX® Sweet Corn Fertilizer 26-6-10

Results You Can See, Nutrition You Can Taste — With Just One Application Per Season!

HyR BRIX® Fertilizer's mission is to help you grow and raise the healthiest produce for you and your family. This product was developed by a 4-generation family farm looking for a fertilizer that would optimize plant health and production and improve the taste of produce. HyR BRIX® formulates this fertilizer to rebuild your soil with the elements plants require. It also stimulates the soil to release tied up nutrients. This creates a stress-free environment where plants thrive, delivering more nutritionally-rich produce. HyR BRIX® ingredients are naturally-mined from the US and contain no pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or GMO ingredients. HyR BRIX® Sweet Corn Fertilizer 26-6-10 +Ca2 +S6 is formulated to grow big, uniform, juicy ears of sweet corn. This slow-release fertilizer contains multiple forms of nitrogen plus a balanced blend of nutrients. This ensures your prized crop is getting the nourishment it needs to flourish all season long. For best results, spread a band of the fertilizer between rows immediately after planting, at least 2 inches away from the seed furrow. Caution: Do not allow seed to come into direct contact with fertilizer. The 5-lb tub feeds a 100-foot row. The 20-lb tub feeds a 400-foot row.

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SC05AM 100 Linear Feet 5-lb Tub In Stock $15.49
SC20AM 400 Linear Feet 20-lb Tub In Stock $31.24

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