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HydroLogic Soil Moisture Sensor

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Maintain healthy growth by preventing damage and waste from overwatering!

HydroLogic Soil Moisture Sensor makes sure you do not overwater your garden or run the sprinklers in the rain. This sensor monitors how wet the soil is and will automatically skip watering when the soil is too wet, or it is raining. When dry enough the timer will resume the original schedule. With a range of moisture levels, you can select the exact amount you want to pause watering, depending on your plant's needs to maintain healthy growth all while preventing damage and waste from overwatering. The HydroLogic Moisture Sensor works with Melnor XT HydroLogic Water Timers.

Product Information

Product Features
  • Monitor soil moisture levels to prevent overwatering
  • Select exact moisture level to maintain
Product Benefits
  • Works with Melnor XT HydroLogic Water Timer
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