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Product Information


  • Available in 32 oz ready-to-spray or 1 gallon concentrate
  • ES Plus has 54% Humectant
  • Plus II has 50% Humectant and 4.6% Humate

Product Features

  • When there is adequate liquid water in the soil, Hydretain essentially lies dormant and serves no real purpose. It is when this liquid water is depleted and only water vapor remains in the soil matrix that Hydretain's benefits can be seen. Plants cannot use vapor, so Hydretain was engineered to capture it and collect it back into minute liquid droplets that sustain plants between waterings
  • Hydretain ES Plus combines Hydretain's root zone moisture managementtechnology with an advanced environmentally sound, renewable resource,non-ionic surfactant for improved soil penetration.


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  • QUESTION: What is the difference between a Humectant and a Humate?
  • ANSWER: A humectant is a substance that attracts and retains moisture; used to keep a product moist. A Humate is organic material formed from the breakdown of animal and plant life over a long period of time. Works to condition soil